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Floor lamp,a common interior lighting pieces for rooms,offer a convenient means of providing general illumination to specific areas. Actually,floor lamp does more than just add light to a room.  It can also help add atmosphere to your room or enhance your overall decor. 

Types of floor lamps range from ones specifically designed for task lighting to ones specifically designed to increase the amount of ambient lighting in a room. Classified according to their design and function,floor lamp includes shelf floor lamp,tripod floor lamp,torchiere lamp,tall floor lamp,swing arm lamp,club lamp,multi-way or tree lamp,etc.


Most floor lamps are assembly required. Usually they will come with an assembly guide for putting together all the parts of your lamp. If you still can not put it back together, the guide below may can help you.

Step 1:

Before you begin to assemble,you should read the assembly instruction carefully and find the tools you may need,such as philips-head screwdriver,pillow and adjustable wrench.

Step 2:

Spread all the parts of lamp on a clean surface to check if any things missing. There should be a lamp base,3-4 tubes,one socket assembly and a lampshade. And then inspect the wiring for cuts or exposed copper. If there are no defects,continue assembling.

Step 3:

Thread the cord into the bottom of the tube and out through the top. Connect the rest of the three tubes in same way. Then,place the base onto a flat surface and screw the tubes into the hole in the centre of the base.

Step 4:

Install the shade into the top of the socket assembly and slide the ring, turn the ring clockwise until tight. 

Finally,screw the light bulb into the socket assembly and test the lighting of your floor lamp.

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Post time: Jul-29-2020
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