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    Goodly Light Technology Co.,LTD. was built 2015 and Located at Shenzhen.We are focus on supplying kinds of indoor portable lamps for our customers.Just after one year, we successfully obtain customer’s trust and hight praise with excellent quality and completive price.Our Customers are not only in China Mainland, but also in Europe,America and in Southeast Asia.Most of our customers have developed an even stronger relationship, from ordinary business partner to business strategy partner. In order to meet with our customers requirements, we built our brother Light factory-Grand Champ Lighting Technology Co,LTD at Huizhou. In this way, our products with more completive prices and products range are enriched ,From LED driver to LED lamps, from lamp parts to Complete lamps.We are an supplier of USA Target,Walmart and BBB.

    In 2017, according to many customers requirements, we are study and embrace mail orders.As on line shopping is not only be welcomed in China, but also in all over the world.Now our products are sold successfully on Amazon and Taobao,TMall.COM And JD.COM with our good quality and prices, especiall your small package are welcomed by our customers.

    Goodly Işık, bu seçin ve hafif iyi yapmak yourgoodly olduğunu!


    Organizational Chart

    Organizational Chart

    Nowour ürünleri kaliteli ve fiyatları ile Amazon ve Taobao, TMall.COM Ve JD.COM başarıyla satılmaktadır, especiallyour küçük paket müşterilerimiz tarafından karşılanır.

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