Light up your space right with our range of lamps from Goodly Light. Our main products are home decoration lamps,including floor lamp and table lamp. These lamps are usually made of metal, wood,plastic,fabric,glass,crystal, ceramic,or other materials.
Floor lamp are supported by a heavy base so that it doesn’t need be placed on a desk or table. All of our floor lamps are made of high quality materials. They usually adds touch to space by their stylish design,such as arc arm,swing arm,tripod leg, and eg. Some of them may features a shelf to add practicability.
Table lamp from Goodly Light are available in many styles to suit your home decor, from traditional to contemporary, from casual to formal. Some cute table lamp with soft warm light are specially designed for kids. And we also have some functional table lamp which features convenient USB charge ports and outlet.
All of our lamp are allowed to be made based on your requirements. The color of metal lamp ranging from Brown Brass/Brass/Black/Nickel/Chrome to choose from. For wood lamp, they are allowed to appear in black/white/coffee/brown/walnut or others you like.
As we have our own LED driver department,SMD LED and wood workshop.We combine the LED advantages with traditional lamps advantages together. Except lamps, we also produce LED driver and lampshade.
Located in China more than 7 years, Goodly Light is a wholesale manufacturer of a full line of quality lamp. While we have our own factory, you will get the personalized service you deserve. We believe that if you consider stock one more potential good and strong supplier,we are your right choice. Contact with us freely!

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