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There are many kinds of lamps are fashionable in our life, and we have a lot of choices. But do you know what should we take into consideration when buy an Arc Floor Lamp? Let’s learn how to choose an arc floor lamp suppliers Goodly Light.

The Light Source of Floor Lamp

The light source of most ceiling lamps is white light. When you are selecting lamps, you will find that some of ceiling lamps are bright, but some are dark, even some are purple or blue. That because the difference of light efficiency and color temperature.

In order to make the lamp looks bright, some factories turn up the color temperature. Actually, that’s not really bright, just an optical illusion. If you use this low quality lamp for a long time, your vision will get worse and worse.

If you want to know that the color temperature of your lamp is high or low, you can turn off other lamps, just use this lamp and reading under the lamp. If you read the words clearly, that means the light source has good performance and high light efficiency. There is still another easy way, put your hand near the light source and watch the color. If it’s red, the color temperature is suitable. If it’s blue or purple, that means the color temperature is too high.



The Light of Floor Lamp

When buying up-light floor lamps, you should take the height of ceiling into consideration. If the ceiling is too low, the light will locally focus, which may hurt people’s eyes. At the same time, the white ceiling or light-color ceiling will be the best.

For the direct-light floor lamp, the lampshade should completely cover the bulb, so that the light will not hurt your eyes. Otherwise, if the indoor light are too different, your eyes will feel tired. That’s why we need to use a floor lamp to adjust light. When you use a direct-light floor lamp, you’d better make the mirror and glass far away from your reading place. Or the reflective light will hurt your eyes.



The Style of Floor Lamp and Your Home Decor

If you buy a decorative floor lamp, its main function is decorating more than brightening. So you have to consider the style of floor lamp and your home décor.

Above are the tips of how to choose an are floor lamp, hope this help you when you are searching floor lamps for your home. Of course, you don’t need to follow these tips, the most important thing is you like it.



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Post time: Mar-04-2021
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