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USB 포트가있는 램프, 거실 및 침실 용 목재 선반 플로어 램프 | Goodly Light-GL-FLWS007-USB

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tower floor lamp with shelf built in design,2 fast-charging USB ports and a power outlet,3 storage shelves

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  • MOQ : 100 조각
  • 무역 조건 : EXW 공장, FOB 심천
  • 지불 조건 : : T / T, L / C,
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    Wood Shelf Floor Lamp for Living Rooms & Bedrooms - USB Ports & Electric Outlet - Modern Standing Light with Display Shelves

    shelf floor lamp with usb1
    제품 번호 GL-FLWS007-USB
    에 의해 제조 그랜드 챔피언
    에 의해 판매 잘 빛
    크기 초과 26cm * 26cm의 *의 158.5cm
    그늘 크기 8.5 "Dia. X 14.5"H
    기본 크기 26cm*26cm
    화이트 / 블랙 / Wanult / 커피 / 자연
    기재 패브릭 및 MDF
    조립 필요
    범주 플로어 램프

    This modern 선반 플로어 램프 designed by  가볍습니다.

    Compared to previous shelf floor lamp, this floor lamp has 2 fast-charging USB ports,which conveniently recharge your mobile devices including iphone,ipad or  Android devices.And the shelf features a electric outlet to charge a laptop, tablet. With 3 shelves built in,it also a perfect spot for displaying your book,photo frame and other items.This multifunctional and contemporary light suits living room,bedroom or offices.

    Check out our small shelf lamps if you think it is exactly what you are looking for!

    shelf floor lamp with usb-application1
    shelf floor lamp with usb-application2
    shelf floor lamp with usb-details1
    shelf floor lamp with usb-details2
    shelf floor lamp with usb-details3

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