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When you are reading, a best floor lamp with proper light can prevent your eyes from straining.

Floor lamps are so versatile. Not only a fixture to provide lights for your reading, but also an interior decoration for your home. Floor lamp offer incredible flexibility so that it can fit easily in any corner of the room. Or standing behind a sofa.

If you are looking for a best floor lamp for reading, here we would like to help you and guide you to choose the most effective lighting for your needs.

What should a best floor lamps for reading be?

  1. Brightness Adjustable

Most of people think that soft light can protect our eyes when reading, but we should know that, we might read at different times of day. A floor lamp featuring various brightness settings comes in handy at this time. A lamp offers five individual brightness settings allow you read without stress in anytime of a day.

  1. Height Adjustable

Even if you like reading at your regular reading corner, you may want to adjust the lamp’s height and position based on the size of words or the time of day. When you read at light-filled daytime, you don’t need much light from lamp. Heighten it up,make it keep distance with what you are reading.


Here, we’d like to share with you our hot sale best floor lamps for reading. 

LED Floor Lamp


This led floor lamp has a few features that make it great for reading. This lamp has 2 fast-charging USB ports and an electric outlet,that you can conveniently recharge your electronic equipment when you are reading.And the shelves provides additional storage spaces. Space-saving and multifunctional, there’s no reason not to pop this lamp on your shortlist.

Black Floor Lamp


Three leg tripod design make this black floor lamp stable. Featuring a 3-way switch,it offers three individual brightness settings. You are allowed to adjust the light simply by turn the rotary switch. This lamp matches easily with both classic and temporary design.

Metal Floor Lamp


This 3-light tree floor lamp can offer you enough brightness to illuminate an entire room even without relying on overhead lighting. Three bulbs comes together to deliver 2400 lumens of light. As three lights are adjustable,you can angle the light exactly where you need it.

 After reading this passage,you may have a better idea about what is the best floor lamp for reading.

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Post time: Sep-23-2020
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