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  • how tall should a floor lamp be

    Floor lamp is the sitting room adornment sex article in our common family life, but the adornment sex of it besides, he also rises how to protect the effect of the eye, at this moment, the height of floor lamp choice became very important point, how should the height of floor lamp choose?The following Chinese floor lamp suppliers for you to introduce the specific height of the floor lamp.


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    One, floor lamp height how much appropriate

    The general height of 100 lamps is 120-130cm.

    Floor lamp can be divided into large floor lamp and small floor lamp by size:

    1, its height of large floor lamp is in 1520~1850 millimeter between, chimney diameter 400~500 millimeter, use 100 watt incandescent bulb.

    2, general medium-sized floor lamp height is 1400~1700 mm.Lamp shade size is 300 * 450 * H310mm Φ Φ.

    3, miniature floor lamp total height is 1080~1400 millimeter between, chimney diameter 250~450 millimeter, the incandescent bulb that USES 60 watt or 75 watt, degree 100 watt.

    4, more common in life is the height of the floor lamp in 1.59m, the general lamp cover diameter is 0.4m, upright modeling.

    5, if be floor lamp 100 and general droplight design are not the same words, lamp degree body can do hair illuminant, so the dimension of floor lamp is simpler, the dimension of chimney and lamp body know dimension is same, just height is different.Soft into the type of lamp body, to consider its stability, the general height is not more than 1m, the most common is 0.9m.

    Two, floor lamp size introduction

    We can put the floor lamp of the sitting room commonly on sofa corner, the lamplight of floor lamp is downy, the effect when watching TV in the evening is very good, because this kind of way also got the favour of consumer of numerous home outfit, so the size of floor lamp of the sitting room how many appropriate?

    Want to consider the height of the ceiling, with the floor lamp of 1.70 meters tall is an example, the ceiling height is in 2.40 meters above effect is better, if the ceiling is too low, the light can concentrate in local area only, can make the person feels the light is too bright not quite downy.

    Three, floor lamp according to bright way can be divided into direct type and top type:

    1. Direct lighting floor lamp: the light is more concentrated, the local effect is obvious, the influence range around the answer is small.The light from the lamp diffused on the ceiling and spread evenly throughout the room.This kind “indirect” illume means, the light is relatively downy, still can make a person mood is relaxed on certain level to eye stimulation small.In design of a few contemporary contracted creed household of popularity now, the use of this kind of lamps and lanterns is quite common.

    2. Go up according to type floor lamp: use go up according to type floor lamp, the ceiling in the home had better be white or light color, the material of the ceiling had better have certain reflex effect.With this inside pattern, the light is much softer, the influence scope is larger, can have the illumination effect of the light to the bottom,

    Floor lamp: Floor lamp is generally arranged in the living room and rest area, and is used together with sofa and tea table to meet the needs of local lighting and decorative family environment.But be careful not to place them next to tall furniture or in areas that interfere with movement.

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    Post time: Apr-13-2020
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