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Myopia, or called nearsightedness, is one of the most common vision problems in childhood. It’s growing in prevalence. Many kids are wearing a pair of glasses,making people feel both their loveliness and painfulness. There are many causes of myopia,constantly using phone, playing games, or using your eyes incorrectly. What's more, kids didn’t use light in a right way.

To parents,it’s very important to protect kids’ vision health. So the eye-protecting table lamps are very popular since appear. Here,a table lamp manufacturer from China,Goodly Light,is glad to share experience of how to choose a good table lamp for kids.

There are generally two working principles of table lamp. One is to use a frequency conversion electronic ballast to increase the electrical frequency to 30-50kHZ.So that the table lamp will not flash frequently,making people more comfortable.

Then let me advise you how to choose a good table lamp in 5 steps.

Step 1: No Strobe

Strobe easily causes visual fatigue, dizziness, and eye discomfort. In severe cases, it can cause headaches and vision loss. The way to check forstrobe is to use phone camera to face light source directly. If there is no flashing dark line on the phone screen,that means no strobe. If there is,the faster the dark lines flow,the strobe more frequently.

Step 2: Illumination and Lighting Range

Generally speaking,a table lamp with illumination below 5000LX is unqualified. Its lighting range is generally about 55cm,which is equivalent to the size of a magazine. But this is no enough for students to read or write. If the lighting range is too small,it may lead to incorrect sitting posture,hunchback,and myopia.

Low brightness is the main reason to myopia. When you are looking for a table lamp,you should take illumination in consideration. Table lamp with CQC is a better choice. Besides,when using a eye-protecting table lamps,you’d better turn on other lamps as background light.

Step 3: National 3C Certification

National certification request that: study table lamp must pass the 3C certification,and within the validity period.

Children like a piece of paper. The environment you create for him/her,and the thing you prepare for him/her,will influence them gradually. It might bring pain to your kids growth because of your negligence. Please don’t do that.

Step 4: The Culprit of Myopia-Blue Light

Blue light(HEV) is a kind of high energy visible light,which can directly penetrate the cornea and lens,reach the macular area and accelerate the oxidation of cells.This will cause photochemical damage to the retina.,especially to children. Blue light are commonly found in various lamps,even the soft warm light also contains blue light.

If you find that the light of the eye-protecting table lamp is particularly bright and white, giving you a bluish feeling,that means the blue light is too much. Everybody should pay attention to table lamp like this. The best way is buy a table lamp with CQC. 

Step 5: The Height of Table Lamp

Last but not the least,the height of table lamp is also a important thing that you can’t ignore. Generally speaking,when eyes keep 30cm away from the books,you can read clearly without being overly fatigued. Based on this,the height of table lamp should be 40-50cm away from the table. So that it can provide sufficient brightness for reading and the surrounding environment will not too dark.

The above are the five main points that need to pay attention to when choosing a eye-protecting table lamp. Hope this can help you. If you are looking for a eye-protecting table lamps,here we have kinds of table lamp specially designed for kids. As a professional lamp manufacturer,Goodly Light are good at lamp manufacturing. Our lamps are hot sale in Amazon.

Metal Orb Table Lamp

Table Lamp Metal

Black Metal Table Lamp

Modern Metal Table Lamp

And we would like remind you that: no matter how good the table lamps are,they still harmful to eyes. You should help you kids keep good eye habit.


Post time: Oct-17-2020
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