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    The temperament of the life that occupy the home depends on detail square field face, besides conspicuous furniture product, adornment, a elegant floor lamp, can bring different vision experience.Whether it’s a living room, a bedroom, or a private reading nook, they’re all capable of the beauty of solitude.Below, follow floor lamp factory to appreciate common floor lamp dimensions.

      Floor lamp serves as to decorate building materials, collect elegant line design, become a school oneself, can be competent for not only the advocate lamp of a small area, still can assist advocate illuminant, become style killer!And in dimension of floor lamp, basically have the design of the following a few classics, admire for everybody.

      Common floor lamp size specifications

      1. The size of large floor lamp is generally 15.2-18.5cm in height, and the lampshade is 40-50cm in diameter. 100-watt incandescent bulb is used;Generally used in the company’s hall, home decoration sitting room.

      2, dimensions of medium-sized floor lamp are commonly tall 14-17 centimeters, the diameter of chimney is 30-45 centimeters.Use in workplace, lounge, etc

      3, dimension specification of small floor lamp is commonly height is 10.8-14 centimeters or 13.8-15.2 centimeters between, the diameter of chimney 25-45 centimeters, use 60 watts or 75 watts, 100 watts incandescent bulb.Use in small study, bedroom, guest room.

      How to choose floor lamp size

      Floor lamp its modelling is various.Can choose according to demand, decide floor lamp dimension according to the height of indoor ceiling commonly, if the height of the ceiling is in 2.4 meters above, choose 1.7 or 1.8 meters tall floor lamp effect is best, if the ceiling is too low, the light can only be concentrated in local area, let a person feel the light is not downy.

      In addition, indoor light contrast increases eye load too general assembly, choose the floor lamp that can adjust light as far as possible.Floor lamp dimension basically is to say, lamp stand height and chimney height.The choice of chimney and lamp stand needs to consider a lot of factors, the mainest it is to coordinate collocation.

      About the common floor lamp size, this article briefly introduces here;If you are interested in metal floor lamp, tripod floor lamp, shelf floor lamp, please contact us.

    Post time: Aug-19-2019
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