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  • How does floor lamp match good-looking?How to choose floor lamp

      A projector, a floor lamp, a soft sofa bed, in or toss or ordinary night to see the movie, read a book, natural comfort.Those who tell today, it is in household design, have the floor lamp of level of ultrahigh appearance.

      What floor lamp illuminates is not only space one horn, more in long night dispersing cool and lonely.Its modelling is changeful, enough to match different home outfit style, strong design feeling enriches the detail of the home.How to match floor lamps?


    Best Floor Lamps For Living Room

      The size of the floor lamp

      If the space is more capacious, can choose a few bigger parabolic lamp, the line of bracket upper part has certain radian, increase dimensional tonal sex.Still have the carve out design of column form floor lamp, bring the smooth shadow of mottled change, can let a space no longer depressing.

      If it is a small space, you can choose a simpler design.Linear floor lamp, without redundant line and decorate, add classic black white collocation, give a person a kind of extremely simple sense.Small area, more practical.


    Floor Lamp For Living Room

      Floor lamp position

      Floor lamp is the good companion of sofa, the little corner between the area that can make full use of corner, sofa, sofa and wall, a side puts green plant, the floor lamp that another side can choose to have design feeling.

      In the bedroom one horn, the height of the floor lamp can regulate over ordinary desk lamp.The head of a bed simple warm light floor lamp, have artistic style very much, the bedroom becomes gentle immediately rise.

      Floor lamp purchase

      The floor lamp has upper lighting type and direct lighting type.

      The chimney below the lamp shade that illuminates type floor lamp had better be not even with eye height, otherwise the light illuminate can cause discomfort to the eye.Direct lighting is focused lighting, try to avoid reflective objects in the vicinity, such as glass, in order to prevent refraction of the eye.

      On illuminative type should consider the height of the ceiling, for instance the ceiling of 2.4 meters above, can choose 1.7-1.8 meters tall floor lamp.If the distance between floor lamp and ceiling is too close, the light can only be partial illuminate, the effect that comes out so is not quite soft.

      In addition, indoor light contrast is too general assembly increases eye load, choose the floor lamp that can be dimmed as far as possible, different atmosphere and scene can be converted, use space is bigger.


    USB Shelf Lamp

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