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Because of the improvement of our living standards, people sets a high value on psychological entertainment. People likes to create an elegant atmosphere at home and the floor lamps are great for adjusting atmosphere. That’s why floor lamps plays a more and more important role our dairy life. There so many floor lamps, but wooden floor lamps are very special and wonderful. Let's follow the wooden floor lamp manufacturer Goodly Light to know more about wooden floor lamps.

1.The overview of wooden floor lamp.

Generally, wooden floor lamps are made of lampshade, lamp pole, and base, looks sleek and beautiful. The lampshade should be simple but decorative. Most lamp poles are made of metal, wood or natural materials. The lamp poles and base should match well with the lampshade. 

Most of times, floor lamps will be placed in living room and bedroom, used with sofa or end table. Floor lamps not only lighting locally, but also decorate your home well. But the floor lamps are not supposed to be placed near a tall furniture, or somewhere you often pass by either. Corner lamp, a kind of floor lamp. It looks like a big table lamp with a tall base. In function, corner lamp are same with the floor lamp, but they looks more steady and elegant. They usually feature a vase base or column base, and comes with an empire lamp shade or drum lamp shade, looks very beautiful. 

2.The importance of floor lamp.

If you are a TV fans, we suggest you place a table lamp or floor lamp near your sofa or bed. When you are watching TV, you need some soft and warm light, so that your eyes will not be hurt by the light of TV. And you can also place a floor lamp behind the sofa, which help to offer enough light for your reading and not affect your family watching TV at the same time.

The height of floor lamp is 120 cm to 130 cm. It will be better if the height or lampshade is adjustable. The shape and color of lamp should match well with the furniture in your living room. If necessary, we can adjust the light of floor lamp shine upward. 

Most people like reading and writing at night. So, you can place a small desk near your bed, or set a bookcase hanging over the bed. With one more floor lamp, you have a mini study room in your bedroom.

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Post time: May-04-2021
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