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Floor lamp can be used as illume lamps and lanterns not only, and also be the lamp that has fan more act the role of, get the like of numerous families consequently.

No matter be a bedroom or sitting room, can put, beautiful still practical, but choose height dimension to want appropriate ability to be ok;

So what is the height of the floor lamp?

1. Standard floor lamp height

The total height of the lamp of general large floor lamp is 1520~1850 millimeter, lamp shade diameter is 400~500 millimeter, use 100 watt incandescent bulb;

And the lamp ministry of medium floor lamp total height is in commonly 1400~1700 millimeter;lamp shade diameter 350~450 mm;

The lamp ministry of small-sized floor lamp is total height between 1080~1400 millimeter or 1380~1520 millimeter, the diameter of lamp shade 250~450 millimeter, use 60 watt or 75 watt, 100 watt incandescent bulb.

2. Floor lamp height in the living room

For main lighting: if the height is about 3m, it can be used to talk or browse books and newspapers.Layer is in 2 can choose wall lamp, can set invisible shoot the lamp to try to adorn.

Also can put the wall lamp with chic modelling, display ark in proper position in wall.

Use independent desk lamp or floor lamp to be put in the one end of sofa additionally, appropriate USES medium luxury droplight, downlight.The sitting room of 5m above, appropriate USES medium adornment to absorb dome light or need not advocate the light.

If the height of the living room is more than 3, and the lamps and lanterns have many kinds of materials, let not direct light scatter throughout the sitting area.

Below 5m, with a variety of other auxiliary lighting decoration, can choose high class, according to your preferences to choose the right lamps and lanterns, can reduce the contrast between light and dark hall, is conducive to the choice of visual protection lamps and lanterns should be matched according to the decoration style of your home.

When buying type floor lamp, want to consider the height of smallpox, with 1.70 meters, 1.80 meters tall floor lamp is an example, ceiling height is better in effect of 2.40 meters above.

If the ceiling is too low, the light will be concentrated in local areas, which will make people feel that the light is too bright and not soft enough.

In the meantime, use the floor lamp that illuminates type on, the ceiling in the home chooses white or light color as far as possible, the material of the ceiling should have certain reflex effect.

3, bedroom floor lamp height

The bedroom can put adornment sex to compare floor lamp commonly, illuminant wants downy warmth.

And the choice of bedroom floor lamp size mainly considers the following two aspects:

1, bedroom space size, generally speaking the bedroom area is bigger, the dimension of floor lamp also wants large a bit.

2, the modelling of bedroom floor lamp, its height of the bedroom floor lamp of different modelling also can differ somewhat, had better choose the floor lamp that can adjust height freely.

Above is all about the height of the floor lamp, hope to bring you some help.

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