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Because of the limited space,there are so many family without study room. Actually,it’s a great design that place a special floor lamp with table in living room.It easily adds touch to your room and offer light when you are reading. However,it’s not very easy to assembly a floor table lamp by yourself. Don’t worry,table lamp manufacturer - Goodly Light is glad to help you. 

There are many common mistakes people may make when using a floor table lamp.

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First,light upward

It might looks great to place a decorative table lamp near the sofa. However,if the light  upward to the roof,it makes no sense for your reading.

Second,the light is blocked

If the table lamp is too short,the light will be blocked out by the sofa. You and your family,are not supposed to read in the dark corner. 

How to assembly a floor table lamp?

There are two points you must note when choosing a table lamp or floor lamp:one is lampshade,another is light source.

The bottom of lampshade should be 10-15 cm taller than your head. This can prevent your head from being knocked. And also can ensure that the light will not be blocked out.

Beside these,the tale lamp should be as close as possible to the sofa.

Some people said that there is not enough space to place floor table lamp in my home. But I need enough light for reading. What can we do? Actually speaking,this kind of decorative wall lamp can not offer enough light for reading. We suggest you to buy a lamp whose light shot down. Where it should be placed can refer to table lamp.

After lamp,it is light resource.

For the light resource, we suggest to use 13W energy saving lamp or 10W LED bulb,and color temperature is better in 3000K to 4000K. If you are going to read in the living room,please remember to dim other lamp,so that you can read in a quiet and comfortable environment.

If use tube light for reading, it probably cast a shade. So it’s better to use table lamp or floor lamp. If the living room of you home is small,you can use a floor lamp with table.

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After reading this passage,you may have better idea about how to assembly a floor lamp with table in living room. Place a floor lamp in your living room,so that you can enjoy reading at home,no matter in study room or anywhere.


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Post time: Nov-13-2020
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