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Floor lamp serves as a local illumination in household life and an article that adorning decorates, actually in all sorts of products emerge in succession while, people's aesthetic appreciation also is in ceaseless rise, common fall to the ground model already cannot satisfy the demand of consumer, a few be fond of innovation and the friend of design can choose self-made floor lamp.

So how to make your own floor lamp?Below China floor lamp factory will bring you the specific floor lamp manufacturing method, hope to be able to provide help to you.

How to make floor lamp?

Step 1:

Prepare the material

For everyone to choose homemade floor lamp, before actually making homemade floor lamp, you need to choose the right material according to your own design and preferences.

So for us now to make this simple style style of homemade floor lamp, the preparation of materials is also to ensure that the effective completion of homemade floor lamp guarantee.

For this homemade floor lamp, you need to prepare the material is a common simple style floor lamp, paper towels and glue.

Step 2:

Fold the paper towel

After we have prepared all the materials we need, all we need to do is fold the paper towel into the shape of the ceiling lamp.

For self-made floor lamp, when everybody is choosing paper towel, also can not use pure white actually, everybody also can choose proper paper towel color according to oneself be fond of.

In self-made floor lamp process, when everybody folds paper towel, remember to want even, cannot size is inconsistent, because this also can affect the integral effect of self-made floor lamp.

Step 3:


The 3 th step of self-made floor lamp is agglutinate paper towel and floor lamp.In order to ensure that you make out of the self-made floor lamp finished products more effective, therefore, you can also fold, while bonding.

Because if the paper towel doesn't fold properly.We can also adjust it according to the demand.About self-made floor lamp, everybody also needs to pay attention to the density degree of agglutinate in the process of agglutinate.

Step 4:

Adjust the modelling

Because of the visual difference between folding and bonding.About self-made floor lamp, in the process of above, everybody may also feel self-made floor lamp is not quite beautiful, a little place is sparse, and some place may also be too close.

So this time we need to make adjustments to the self-made floor lamp, adjustment is mainly to adjust the density of the above paper towels self-made floor lamp.Always about self - made floor lamp, must want to satisfy the basic demand of self - made floor lamp illume.

Above is the method about self-made floor lamp;We are a floor lamp manufacturers, products are:tripod floor lamp,shelf floor lamp;Welcome to consult ~


Post time: Apr-29-2020
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