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  • How to buy floor lamps?Floor lamp picks 7 big tips

    Floor lamp is an important article that builds atmosphere of household sitting room.The light that it gives out is soft, give a person elegant and sweet feeling, but the premise that should have this atmosphere is you should have a good floor lamp.

    A lot of consumer are not very understanding to floor lamp,

    so how floor lamp choose and buy?

    Follow China floor lamp factory to understand it together!

    1. Upper lighting floor lamp

    The light of the lamp is illuminated on the ceiling diffuse again come down, even scatter is in indoor.

    When buying type floor lamp, want to consider the element such as the height of smallpox, if the ceiling is too low, the light can be concentrated in local area only, can make the person feels the light is too bright not quite downy.

    In the meantime, use type floor lamp that shine on, the ceiling in the home had better be white or light color, the material of the ceiling had better have certain reflex effect.

    2, direct lighting floor lamp

    Like a desk lamp, the light is concentrated.

    When choose and buy, should pay attention to the edge of the lampshade had better be like an eye low, such ability won't make the eye feels uncomfortable because of the illuminate of bulb.

    In addition, indoor light contrast increases eye load too general assembly, choose the floor lamp that can adjust light as far as possible.

    3, modeling floor lamp

    This kind of lamp is not used for lighting, it is more like a "light sculpture" in the environment in the home.

    Of course choose and buy this kind of floor lamp, want to consider the consistency of it and household integral style.

    4. Floor lamp holder

    The bracket of floor lamp is made with metal, spin wood more or it is the material that USES natural form.

    The choice of bracket and base or make, must match with chimney good, cannot have "small person wears big cap" or "fine tall person wears small cap" proportion maladjusted sense.

    5, floor lamp light

    If necessary, the floor lamp can also be turned on for background lighting.

    Adjusting the height of the lamp can change the diameter of the aperture, thus controlling the intensity of the light, creating a hazy beauty.

    6, floor lamp height

    The sitting room that has sofa, can decorate a floor lamp in the back of sofa.Both ensure their own need to read, but also won't affect the family watching TV.

    Floor lamp height is generally 120-130cm, if you can adjust the height or lampshade Angle is the best.The modelling of lamps and lanterns and colour want to coordinate with the furniture decoration photograph of the sitting room.

    7. Metering source

    Most floor lamp is white light, some owner can discover how some look brighter when choosing the light, and some can darker, some hair white, hair violet or hair blue, this is because of the luminous effect of illuminant different and color temperature different cause.

    Some small manufacturers of light source originally light efficiency is very low, but in order to make customers look brighter, the color temperature do high.In this environment, vision becomes worse and worse over time.

    The above is about the floor lamp how to choose the related content, I hope to help you ~

    Yao xuanzhe let your home appearance level double the floor lamp, contact us as soon as possible!

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