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  • How to choose sitting room floor lamp

    Floor lamp is to form 3 person by chimney, bracket, base normally, modelling is tall and straight beautiful, 3 elements are combined at will;

    Can carry tall already charming, also can wen wan implicative, and be born, be born, it is earthy gas, have kind of psychological close.

    1, the floor lamp with strong sense of line and Nordic style phase line, strengthen the sense of space design


    Best Floor Lamps For Living Room

    2, the hanging floor lamp of big ferry is popular, the hang of big Angle builds languid lazy, loosen atmosphere

     Decorative Floor Lamp

    Art Deco Floor Lamp

    3, the color choice of floor lamp is not rigid and conservative color, can use metal tone and visual imagination


    Brass Floor Lamp

    4. The direct expression of metal lamp tube is suitable for you who like nature, and it is widely used in northern Europe and industrial wind


    Column Floor Lamp

    5. If you’re a pixar fan, you’re no stranger to robotic arms

    Floor Lamp Decor

    Floor Lamp Decor


    Post time: Sep-12-2019
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