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  • How to clean metal floor lamp | GOODLY LIGHT

    Metal floor lamp are used more frequently than regular lamps.

    We use them so frequently every day, but we don’t know that metal shade floor lamp need to be cleaned, and we never even thought about cleaning them.

    3-head metal globe floor lamp

    3-head metal globe floor lamp

    What are the hazards of metal floor lamps not being cleaned for a long time?

    1, affecting the appearance

    This is the most basic hazard, and gold is also afraid of dust.

    2, security risks

    Long-term non-cleaning, due to the aging of metal parts, there are certain safety hazards.

    3, visual impairment

    If it is not cleaned for a long time, the light of the lighting will be darker, and often in dim light will cause people’s mental state to be poor. According to the survey, if the dust is not cleaned up within one year, the brightness of the light will be reduced by 30%.

    4, life expectancy is reduced

    If the lamp is not cleaned for a long time, the surface of the lamp will be dusty,

    The heat dissipation and the luminous effect will be greatly reduced, so that the life of the lamp is reduced.

    tree floor lamp with metal shades

    tree floor lamp with metal shades

    How to clean metal floor lamp

    Proceed as follows:

    1. Before cleaning the lamp, turn off the power and then remove the lamp cover or lamp holder.

    The bulb that has just been used should be naturally cooled to room temperature to be cleaned, so as to avoid an explosion of temperature.

    2. When cleaning, remember not to change the structure of the lamp or replace its parts. After cleaning, just install the lamp as it is;

    Remember to check carefully, there must be no missing or misplaced parts.

    3. Do not scrub the lamp holder with a damp cloth, otherwise it is easy to leak electricity;

    You can use a light cotton socks or a double bath towel to flip over the hand and gently wipe the lamp.

    4. If the metal floor lamp in the house is complicated, you can turn off the power. After the lamp is cooled, wear a pair of white cotton gloves to wipe.

    Make sure that one of the gloves is dry and one is wet.

    Wipe off the dust with wet gloves first, then dry it with dry gloves. The hands can quickly wipe the lamps clean.

    The dirt on the base of the floor lamp can be cleaned with a soft cloth and detergent;

    Pour the special detergent onto the rag first, then wipe the area of ​​the rag.

    brushed steel adjustable pole pharmacy metal floor lamp

    brushed steel adjustable pole pharmacy metal floor lamp

    The above cleaning methods for everyone, I hope you will like it, we are a floor lamp manufacturer, like a friend can consult!

    Post time: May-18-2019
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