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No matter used as a task lighting or mood lighting, floor lamp is a great addition to any rooms. Just taking up a little space, floor lamps shine a good deal of light to specific areas of a room. With so many style design from traditional to contemporary, floor lamps easily add touch to room.


Over time and repeated turn it on and off, parts of lamp become lose so the lamp become wobbly and unstable. For many people, buying a new one is the most easy and convenient way. Since there are some affordable floor lamps in low price. 

Actually,these problems can be solved through hand tightening or tightening with standard household tools. We hope this passage can save you from making an unnecessary purchase.

Step 1:

Unplug the floor lamp power cord before doing any repairs and allow the bulb to cool to room temperature. Remove the lampshade before you start repairing.

Step 2:

Examine the lamp to determine the source of looseness. Put your foot on the base to stabilize the lamp and hold the pole. And then,gently touch and wiggle the lamp from the bottom of socket to the base. By doing these, you can easily find the loosened part.

Step 3:

Gently lean the lamp down to the floor. To prevent the lamp being damaged during repairing, we suggest that put a soft material on the floor,like pillow or blankets.

Step 4:

Hold the lamp base steady and twist the lamp pole in a clockwise direction until you have tighten the lamp pole to the base. Repeat the same step on other parts ensure all parts of lamp are tightened.

After doing these, do the wiggling test to double check if all the problems have been solved. Repeat the inspection and tightening process if the lamp is not yet stable.

Step 5:

Put the lampshade back on,and set the lamp upright. Finally,plug the floor lamp power cord back to test if the lamp can work as usually. That's easy, right?

If you have no time or you can’t finish these by yourself, you can buy a new floor lamp in Goodly Light. As a professional floor lamp manufacturer,we save some affordable floor lamp in high quality and easy to assembly. OEM and ODM orders will be highly welcome, contact with us freely! 

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Post time: Sep-08-2020
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