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Is your home bright enough? When you are going to create a reading corner in your home,good lighting is essential. The best idea is to position a light source beside your chair, and most people will choose a floor lamp. But sometimes floor lamps can be prohibitively expensive.

For this article, I wanted to share with you an easy way to make a floor lamp by yourself. Just spend some spare time,you can get exactly what you want with little money.

Materials & Tools Needed:

Lamp Shade
Small Washer & Nut
Small Wrench
Circular Saw
Mitre Box and Hand Saw
Flat Wood Bit
Rotating Multitool

floor lamp with shelves

Step 1:

Firstly, you need to find a suitable lamp frame. It could be an old one you used to use,or you can look for one at your local thrift store.

Step 2:

Get rid of extra stuff. Remove all the screw,fabric,glass,plastic or other unwanted parts. You just need to keep the lamp frame.

arc floor lamp

tripod floor lamp

Step 3:

The old frame may be rusty so you need to clean the frame first. Use a sandpaper to scrape off any rusty parts.

Step 4:

The next step is painting the frame. You are allowed to feel free to get creative with a stain or gloss.

wooden floor lamp

white floor lamp

Step 5:

And then we need to make a base for our lamp. With the circular saw, or telescopic mitre saw,cut about 5 inch in diameter of wood.

Step 6:

Drill two holes on an inch-long piece, which can attach the base to the frame of the lamp.Use a screwdriver to screw the base to the frame of the lamp and make sure the base is secured to the frame.

adjustable floor lamp

torchiere floor lamp

Step 7:

Finally, we need to connect the wire to the light fitting. Thread the new wire through thenewly drilled hole in the base and push the wire upwards until the wires appear above the lamp pole. Then,connect the wires to the light fitting. After finishing these, you can screw in the light bulb.

Once all these steps are complete,don’t forget to plug your lamp into the outlet and test the light.

If you have any question or you have no time to make a floor lamp yourself, contact with us freely!


Post time: Aug-27-2020
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