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Floor lamp is a kind of home decoration lamp. It adds style as well as light up your room. If you have a favorite floor lamp but it doesn't work anymore or come across just the lamp non-working order, it’s easy to repair it with readily available supplies and common tools. 

Here are the tools for rewiring a lamp:


Replacement cord, plug, or socket

Wire stripper with cutting blade

Electrical tape

Diagonal cutters

Black Industrial Floor Lamp





Step 1 Switch off electrical power

It’s very dangerous to rewire a floor lamp while lamp is connected. 





Step 2 Take out the bulb

Before we take out the bulb,we should remove the lampshade first. Next,unscrew the bulb and take it out.

Floor Lamp with Shelves

Floor Lamp with Drawers




Step 3 Take the lamp apart

Most floor lamps are simply threaded pipe screwed together, so start by unscrewing the base. Twist the pole to loosen it from the base and pull out the wires. Unscrew the screw on the terminals and remove the wires.




Step 4 Use new wires to replace the old wires

Thread the new wire through the hole in the base of the lamp and push the wire upwards. Screw the poles back together, and thread the new wires through the pole until the wires appear above the lamp pole. (Before you replace the wires, you need to measure the length of the wire. Ensure you have enough extra length for the plug end)

Vintage Tripod Floor Lamp

Black Floor Lamp




Step 5 Put the floor lamp back together

Finally,screw the poles back on the base,insert the bulb into the socket and place the shade over the socket. Then you can plug your lamp into the outlet and test the light. 

After reading this passage,you may have a better idea about how  to rewire a floor lamp. If you have any question or you'd like to purchase beautiful floor lamps, contact with us freely. As a professional lamp manufacturers, Goodly Light could offer you the best services and price.


Post time: Aug-18-2020
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