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    What is the chromatic property index?Color performance and luminous efficiency?What are the requirements for color property index of light source in different occasions?Following China floor lamp factory to learn more about:

    What is the performance index

    Color rendering refers to the perception of the object under the light source and the truth degree of the object under the sunlight. It is the evaluation of the visual effect quality of the color when the light source irradiates the object. It means that the color rendering index of the light source is called the average color rendering index (Ra), the lowest being 0 and the highest being 100

    Ra is widespread, the representative of eight kinds of color in color index (will be evaluating lighting light source illuminate the color of the object when compared with the reference illuminant color value), the average color index calculation of 8 kinds of typical color: dark gray, dark yellow, deep yellow, pale green, yellow green, light blue, light purple, red, purple.

    Color performance and luminous efficiency

    White LED lamps for lighting are generally divided into low Ra and high Ra varieties.There is a reciprocal relationship between the performance and the luminous efficiency, giving priority to the performance will reduce the luminous efficiency by 20 ~ 30%. Therefore, different varieties of the performance and the luminous efficiency have appeared.The spectrum of light with high color performance is close to that of natural light. In other words, the luminescence intensity has a small change relative to the luminescence wavelength.Light with high luminous efficiency, however, has a larger luminous peak in the field with high human visual sensitivity (the peak near 550nm).

    Different occasions of light source performance index requirements

    1. For lighting purposes, lighting appliances used in ordinary homes and offices are above 80 Ra and above 70 Ra in corridors;Art galleries, goods inspection, shops and other USES that pay attention to the performance of color are mostly above 90.

    2, daylight is the best color performance of the proportion panchromatic light source, stage and film lighting light source in addition to high luminous efficiency, but also requires good color rendering light source, in order to minimize the color distortion of the irradiated object.

    The above is about the color performance index, I hope you will like;We are a floor lamp supplier from China.Our products are:black floor lamp,adjustable floor lamp,art deco floor lamp;Welcome to consult ~

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