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    What is luminous intensity?What are the parameters?How do you tell size apart?Following China floor lamp factory to understand:

    1,What is luminous intensity

    Luminescence intensity is referred to as light intensity, which refers to the physical quantity of human eye perception intensity emitted by the light source in a certain direction and within a certain range. It refers to the luminous flux emitted by the light source to a certain direction within a unit solid Angle, referred to as luminosity, international unit is candela (abbreviated as CD), and other units have candlelight and branched light.

    For example, 1cd (1000mcd) refers to the flux per unit solid Angle of a monochromatic light source (frequency of light, whose radiation intensity is (1/683) watt/sphericity) in a given direction, which can be calculated by kirchhoff’s integral theorem.

    2,Light intensity, illumination and brightness

    Illumination, commonly known as lux, refers to the light flux per unit area of the surface of the subject being shot. 1 lux is equivalent to 1 lumen/m2, and it is measured by the area and light flux of the irradiated object.

    Light intensity, light is a kind of radiant energy, the light emitted from a variety of light source has a certain strength, this kind of light intensity, is called “light intensity”, it usually to candles as the calculating unit and luminous flux is a light source in a certain direction and the ratio of solid Angle, in space is a source of convergence ability, can say, it is described how bright light source, is an objective physical quantity.

    The brightness represents the light intensity density of the unit surface in a certain direction, which is equal to the ratio of the luminous intensity in that direction to the projected area of the surface in that direction. The unit of candela/m2 is the light intensity perceived by the eye, which is subjective.

    3, luminous intensity size how to distinguish

    Put a drop of oil on a piece of white paper and place two light sources on each side of the paper, the surface of which is perpendicular to the light line.Move the paper between the two light sources, keep the paper perpendicular to the light rays, find a position, so that the oil spot on the paper because of the light intensity on both sides of the paper can not be seen, at this point, the paper from the light intensity of the source is far away.

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