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Lamps and lanterns is various, chimney also each is not identical, have cloth qualitative, glass, colophony, crystal is beaded, drape cent.

Maintenance methods are as follows:

1.Floor lamp maintenance: floor lamp base dirt, usable soft cloth dips in detergent to clean, lamp shade, can be first special

Pour detergent over the cloth and replace the cloth as you rub it.If the inside of the lampshade is paper,

Should avoid to scrub directly with scour, can appear damage otherwise.The whole process should also be done as quickly as possible.

pharmacy floor lamp

2. Vitreous chimney: vitreous product is long not swabbed can become fuzzy, contrary, if slightly badge swabbed, can horse

Restore luster on.Use a soft cloth suitable for cleaning glass and scrub carefully.Uneven areas can be

Wrap soft cloth with thin bamboo stick to handle, also can choose softer cloth dip in a bit toothpaste to scrub.

3. Resin desk lamp: chemical fiber duster can be used for conventional cleaning. After the desk lamp is cleaned, spray it with anti-static spray.

It can keep clean for a long time.

4. Crystal beaded lamp: if the lampshade is made of crystal beaded and metal, clean it directly with neutral detergent.

It will soon be clean.After cleanness, wipe the water of the surface dry, let its nature shade is dry, if chimney crystal beaded

It is with the line put on, had better not wet it, usable and soft cloth dips in take neuter scour to swab.

5. Table lamp base: wipe off the dust on the surface of the copper base first, and then make the liquid metal with abrasive

Product detergent poured on the soft cloth to wipe.

6. fold lamp shade: to the fold place on the lamp shade, usable cotton swab is swabbed carefully.

Post time: Oct-17-2019
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