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  • The choose and buy introduction that decorates floor lamp

    Adornment floor lamp is one of the first choices that adds temperament and atmosphere to the home, adornment floor lamp can give a person a kind of elegant feeling, can bring warm feeling to the person, can give a person a kind of home feeling, to such adornment floor lamp everybody was enchanted not. See the introduction of adornment floor lamp below.

    Floor lamp: English name: Floor lamp!Usually divided into upper – lighting floor lamp and direct – lighting floor lamp.Decorate commonly in the sitting room and rest area, cooperate with sofa, tea table use, in order to satisfy the demand of room local illume and ornament adornment domestic environment. In a few contemporary and contracted creed household design that are popular now, fashionable and distinctive modelling and convenient use more let masses people chase after more and more, the use of this kind of lamps and lanterns is quite common.


    Dimmer Floor Lamp


    Floor lamp makes local illume commonly, do not tell comprehensiveness, and the convenience that emphasizes move, build very practical to corner atmosphere.

    If the daylighting means of floor lamp projects directly downward, suit to read the activity that needs spirit to concentrate, if indirect illume, can adjust the light change of whole.

    Below the chimney of floor lamp should leave the ground 1.8 meters above.

    The cover of floor lamp, ask concise and easy, adornment sex is strong.Canister type cover child is relatively popular, lantern form, lantern form also is used more.Some people like to work out cover by oneself, resemble the big lampshade that USES film white film and picture to make, the bracket of very interesting floor lamp is made with metal more, spin wood or the material that USES natural form.

    Of bracket and base make or choose, must match with chimney good, cannot have “small person wears big cap” or “thin tall person wears small cap” proportion maladjusted sense.


    Art Deco Floor Lamp

    Floor lamp is put in sofa corner commonly, the lamplight of floor lamp is downy, when watching TV in the evening, the effect is very good.

    The lamp shade pledges material kind is rich, consumer can choose according to his be fond of.Many people like floor lamps with small countertops because landline phones can be placed on small countertops.

    When you are buying illuminative type floor lamp, want to consider smallpox height, with 1.70 meters, 1.80 meters tall floor lamp is an example, ceiling height is in 2.40 meters above the effect is optimal, if the ceiling is too low, the light can be concentrated in local area only, can make the person feels the light is too bright not quite downy.

    In the meantime, use type floor lamp that shine on, the ceiling in the home had better be white or light color, the material of the ceiling had better be to have certain reflex effect.Illuminate type floor lamp is the lamps and lanterns that everybody is more familiar with, do not exist difficulty of what choose and buy.But want to notice, the edge of lampshade is like the eye is low, such ability won’t make the eye feels uncomfortable because of the illuminate of bulb.

    In addition, indoor light contrast increases eye load too general assembly, choose the floor lamp that can adjust light as far as possible.

    When using, as the direct lighting line is concentrated, it is best to avoid mirrors and glass products near the reading position, so as not to cause discomfort due to reflection.


    Best Cordless Floor Lamp

    Above is the introduction that decorates floor lamp and choose and buy skill, the adornment floor lamp that can give a person a variety of senses does not know everybody enchanted do not have.

    But the choice that decorates floor lamp also has a point, face different put a place to need different adornment floor lamp, accordingly l floor lamp factory brought skill of choose and buy.Contact us immediately if you need!


    Post time: Sep-12-2019
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