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  • The living room isn’t decorated very well?You might need a floor lamp

    Floor lamp, from literal meaning understanding is to put on the ground to use the lamp of illume namely, besides basic illume function, floor lamp decorates the characteristic that changes and gout is particularly outstanding, a lot of people like to choose floor lamp to choose complementary lamps and lanterns as the sitting room very much.

    Floor lamp features:

    1, the floor lamp is used for the room partial lighting, but also has the decorative effect on the home environment.

    2. Floor lamps should not be placed next to tall furniture or in the area hindering activities.

    3. Floor lamp is generally composed of three parts: lamp shade, bracket and base.

    What are the advantages of floor lamps?

    1. Mobility

    Floor lamps are not like chandeliers or ceiling lamps. They are fixed firmly on the roof and cannot move at all.And floor lamp by contrast is very convenient, as long as the wire is long enough, want to put where to put where.

    2. Create an atmosphere

    Floor lamp is mainly used for local lighting, which is very practical for creating corner atmosphere. If you want to create atmosphere by lighting, a floor lamp with soft light will definitely make the atmosphere soar instantly.

    3. Convenient maintenance

    Floor lamp maintenance is very convenient, the structure than other lighting more simple, with feather duster, dry cloth wipe off dust.If something goes wrong, it's easy to fix.

    4, improve the home style

    Floor lamp adornment feels extremely strong, the sitting room adds a floor lamp, become to have temperament immediately, have pretend bility.Extremely brief floor lamp is the commonest, no matter be north Europe wind, contemporary contracted wind, still be Mediterranean, American style can blend in easily, joker is necessary.

    If you feel the lack of a little atmosphere in the home, no depth, want to add color to the space, floor lamp, is a very simple and easy to give color choice.

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    Post time: Aug-26-2019
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