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  • The most important supporting role in household soft outfit — floor lamp

           In fact, for the home soft installation, lighting effect and home beauty is also a very subtle relationship.For example our most common floor lamp, it is to decorate commonly wait in the sitting room or rest area, it is to match sofa basically or tea table is used, can satisfy household local space illume and adorn the demand that decorates household environment.But how should floor lamp match ability to be able to let live in to present the most beautiful attitude?Here to share it for everyone!

      The most important supporting role in household soft outfit — floor lamp

      The floor lamp collocation method of the sitting room

      If you are a couch potato, it is recommended that you put a desk lamp or floor lamp on the sofa and beside the bed.Because, we need to have a bit docile light source when watching TV, reduce the stimulation to the eye of TV screen light.

    tripod floor lamp

    Black Tripod Floor Lamp

      The floor lamp collocation method of the bedroom

      Perhaps a lot of people can have the habit of reading, writing at night, and the bedroom is a secret place, if squeeze a small study in the bedroom already convenient won’t disturb family again.Floor lamp shoulds not be put in tall soft outfit furniture next or inside the area that obstructs flow, adjust height with 120-130cm commonly or chimney Angle is beautiful.

    tree floor lamp with metal shades 1

    Black Metal Standing Lamp

      Home soft assembly build

      Floor lamp is to put to rest in the sitting room commonly cooperate with sofa, tea table in the area, content with this area illume demand on the one hand, form particular environmental atmosphere on the one hand, when assuring the demand that reads, still won’t affect family to watch TV.If there is a need, also can go up the light of floor lamp, use as setting illume, adjust the height of the lamp to change aperture’s limit, will control the light’s weak and weak, build a kind of hazy aesthetic feeling for the bedroom, modelling of lamps and lanterns and colour also want to coordinate with the soft assembly that ACTS the role of decoration of the sitting room.

    wood shelf floor lamp

    Shelf Floor Lamp

      The sitting room that has sofa, can put a floor lamp behind sofa, bedside can put a piece of small desk when designing, perhaps put suspension of a double layer bookshelf to be in in the sky add floor lamp, small study appears sweet and concise in the bedroom.

      We are a floor lamp factory in China, insisting on providing the ultimate home experience for consumers and meeting people’s different home needs.

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