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What do you know about floor lamp? If you know little about it, you are supposed to read this passage carefully. The floor lamp manufacturer - Goodly Light, is going to share something of floor lamp today.

What is floor lamp? Generally, floor lamp consists of lampshade, pole and base. It looks sleek and elegant. 

Somebody likes making lampshade by themselves, such as a funny big lampshade made of film and painting. Most poles of floor lamp are made of metal, wood or other natural materials. When choosing a lampshade, you should take the pole and base into consideration. The lampshade should be in proportion to the lamp body.

What are the characteristics of floor lamps?

①Simple and Fashionable

The lampshade of floor lamp should be simple, elegant and decorative. The tube lampshade are the most commonly used, and lantern is also popular.

②Local Lighting

 Floor lamps are generally used for local lighting. Instead of lighting space only, floor lamp focus on creating an atmosphere and conveniently movable.

If the lighting method of the floor lamp is lighting downward directly, then this lamp is more suitable for reading, working. If indirectly lighting, it can be used for adjust the brightness of room.

Corner Shelf Floor Lamp

The height of floor lamp

①Big-sized Floor Lamp

Generally, the height of big size floor lamp is 1520mm to 1850mm, the diameter of lampshade is 400mm to 500mm,and use a 100W bulb.

② Middle-sized Floor Lamp

For the middle-sized floor lamp,the height should be 1400mm to 1700mm.

③Small-sized Floor Lamp

The height of small-sized floor lamp is 1080mm to 1400mm or 1380mm to 1520mm, the diameter of lampshade is 250mm to 450mm,and use a 60W or 75W bulb.

Tips of buying floor lamps


Firstly, take the height of the ceiling into consideration. If the ceiling is too low, the light will be concentrated in a local area only, making people feel that the light is too bright and not soft.

When use upward-illuminated floor lamp, the ceiling should be white or light-colored. It will be better if the materials of ceiling are


If you have a direct-illuminated floor lamp, the bottom of lampshade should be lower than your eyes, then your eyes will not be hurt by direct light.

What’s more, if the difference of indoor light is too much, it will easily makes your eyes feel tired. So, it’s better to buy a floor lamp dimmable.


Instead of brighten, the decorative floor lamp is used as a decoration, which can easily adds atmosphere to room. When buying this kind of floor lamp, you should take the décor of your home into consideration.

Brown Floor Lamp with Shelves

Where should the floor lamp be placed?

First,the floor lamp in living room must be tall and bright so that the lights can be casted to all of the living room. If there are many light sources, you should use lamp decoration with same elements to keep the style consistent. If your living room is big, then you can use lights, works with sofa and end table, to help you divide areas.

In one hand, the need of area lighting can be satisfied. In another hand, the lights will create a special ambience.

Floor lamps also can be used in bedroom. It can be placed next to your bed as a night standing light. And you are supposed to buy a floor lamp with line fabric shade, through which the lamp cast a warm and soft light to space.   

Most of time, floor lamps will not be placed near a big-sized furniture or some area that will interfere your action.

Standing Floor Lamp with Shelves

The assembly of floor lamp

①Read Assembly Instruction

Before assembling, carefully reading the assembly instruction and prepare the instruments, such as cross screwdriver and hammer.

②Check the Spares

Check the spares before assembling, if you find the spares are damaged, contact the merchant to change a good one.

③Assembly Steps

The floor lamp usually comes with a cast iron chassis, which is a little smaller than the base. The assembly steps from bottom to the top should be: Use the chassis fastening nut to fix the cast iron chassis on the base. Then screw the lamp pole into base and fix the lamp holder on the top. After doing these, put the lampshade on the lamp holder and fix it by plastic fasteners. Finally, install the bulb that you can get a beautiful floor lamp.

④Double Check After Assembly

After assembling, you should double check. If the lamp pole and screws are tightened? Will the lamp lean and wobble?  And turn on the power to check the will it work?

Table Floor Lamp with USB Port

The kind of floor lamp

①Arc Floor Lamp

The Arc Floor Lamp features a special and fashionable design. The curved lamp arm looks like a old man fishing near the lake, it’s very beautiful. The metal texture reflected by the stainless steel lamp body makes the space full of artistic sense.

②Tripod Floor Lamp

Modern minimalist tripod floor lamp is a very beautiful decoration for your home. It looks like a camera on your living room. It’s very modern artistic,right?

The solid wood bracket is matched with the fabric lampshade, which can create a warm home atmosphere with the soft and warm light, and the iron tripod is more metallic and full of Nordic style. 

③Floor Lamp with Tea Table

Floor lamp with tea table is a perfect combination of lamp and table. The lamp head perfectly combine with table by lamp pole. It not only lighting the your home but also offer more storage space. It’s beautiful, functional, and adds elegant touch to your living space.

Swing Arm Floor Lamp

The above is the introduction of floor lamps’ characteristics, height, dimensions, purchasing skills, how to place, assembling and styles. Hope you can buy a perfect floor lamp after reading this passage. 

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Post time: Jan-15-2021
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