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Floor lamp is a kind of lamps and lanterns that a lot of families like very much now, its often reveal a kind of low-key do not break elegant temperament again, although it is unlike other a few mainstream lamps and lanterns popularity degree is high, but also have no shortage of pursuers, so what is floor lamp?What are the advantages and disadvantages of floor lamp?The following floor lamp factory small make up will be detailed for you to answer, I hope to help you.


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What is a floor lamp?

Floor lamp literally means the lamp that puts on the ground to use illume.Use for the room local illume, also have to occupy the home environment to undertake the action that decorates to the home at the same time.Do not put the position in the area of frequent activity.

Floor lamp is chimney, bracket, base is formed commonly.The material qualitative of floor lamp is bracket is made commonly with metallic material more, the word of chimney is plastic material commonly made.

Floor lamp features

Floor lamp often makes local illume, do not say comprehensive sex, and the convenience that emphasizes move, build very practical to the corner atmosphere.If the daylighting way of floor lamp projects directly downward, suit to read the activity that needs mental concentration, if indirect illume, the light that can adjust whole changes.

Below the chimney of floor lamp should be 1.8 meters above the ground.The cover of floor lamp, requirement is concise and easy, adornment sex is strong.Cylinder cover is more popular, lantern shape, lantern shape is also more used.Some people like to do their own work to make a cover, like the use of film white film and painting made into a large lampshade, very interesting.

The bracket of floor lamp is made with metal, turn wood or the material that USES natural form more.Of bracket and base make or choice, must match with chimney good, cannot have “small person wears big cap” or “thin tall person wears small cap” scale maladjusted feeling.

Floor lamp product category

Direct illuminate type floor lamp light is relatively concentrated, local effect is apparent, to the influence scope of the surroundings is small.The light from the lamp diffused on the ceiling and spread evenly throughout the room.This kind “indirect” illume means, the light is relatively downy, still can make a person mood is relaxed on certain level to eye stimulation small.In design of a few contemporary contracted creed household of popularity now, the use of this kind of lamps and lanterns is quite common.

Shine on type floor lamp to use shine on type floor lamp, the ceiling in the home had better be white or light color, the material of the ceiling had better have certain reflex effect.Such words, the light is downy a lot of, the influence range is larger, can rise the illume effect of the light to the end;

Floor lamp purchase options

Floor lamp is put on sofa corner commonly, the lamplight of floor lamp is downy, when watching TV in the evening, the effect is very good.The chimney material of floor lamp pledges kind is rich, consumer can be chosen according to his be fond of.A lot of people like the floor lamp that takes small mesa, because can put landline telephone on small mesa.

● when you are buying floor lamp of shine on type, want to consider smallpox height, with 1.70 meters, 1.80 meters high floor lamp is an example, ceiling height is in 2.40 meters above effect is best, if the ceiling is too low, the light can concentrate in local area only, can make the person feels the light is too bright not quite downy.At the same time, use go up according to type floor lamp, the ceiling in the home had better be white or light color, the material of the ceiling had better be to have certain reflex effect.

● direct lighting floor lamp is more familiar lamps and lanterns, do not exist what choose and buy difficulty.But want to notice, the edge below chimney compares an eye most low, such ability won’t make the eye feels uncomfortable because of the illuminate of bulb.In addition, indoor light contrasts too assembly to increase eye load, choose to be able to adjust light as far as possible

Floor lamp.When using, as a result of direct illuminate type lamplight line concentration, had better avoid to have mirror and vitreous product near the reading position, lest reflect light causes unwell.

● if you still want to go further when floor lamp of choose and buy, you might as well go to shop of a few halfback lamps and lanterns or household inn, see “modelling type floor lamp”.This kind of modelling type floor lamp, can say is not used illume, it appears in the home in, more resemble the one in the environment “light is carved”.Of course choose and buy this kind of floor lamp, the consistency that should consider it and household integral style.For example the noble classic of a massiness blood spends stone material to stand a lamp, the contemporary furniture with elegant skin style streamline is to go in the opposite direction.

Floor lamp advantages:

1, move convenient: floor lamp unlike a few mainstream kind such as droplight or absorb dome light, they are installed in the roof dead dead fix, a bit also cannot move.And floor lamp compares compare very convenient, as long as it is the wire is long enough, want to put where put where.And very deft even the child can take random move, especially in the sitting room and the bedroom, you want to put the sitting room also can, put the bedroom also can.

2, maintenance more convenient: floor lamp maintenance is very convenient, especially, wrought iron floor lamp, floor lamp but cany art of maintenance is relatively difficult, consider the lamps and lanterns of the mainstream of the large, at the time of maintenance must be worry about a lot of bad man, dismounting to climb to the high place, clean finish to install, time-consuming and laborious.Look at our floor lamp again, structure is simple, when we clean the room, can undertake very respect to it clean.If there’s a real problem, one person can fix it with a screwdriver.

3, energy saving save electricity: in fact for energy saving province electricity about this aspect, the main still should see the use of light source, if is to use incandescent bulbs, the province electricity also can’t go there, but relative to other lamp, floor lamp light source is less, and are now made more light source, led lamp and floor lamp than other lighting power saving a lot of electricity is most common in every household spending, but can save a province.Those big lights can be turned on for hundreds of watts.And the power of floor lamp appears so negligible, have a illuminant only, the biggest power consumption is a few dozen watt namely, it is large lamps and lanterns of one tenth, suit average family most.

Disadvantages of floor lamp:

The advantage of floor lamp is far more than shortcoming, if want to find out its shortcoming, that is the price of floor lamp is on the high side, but this to its advantage, it is not a shortcoming.

Floor lamp placement and maintenance

Floor lamp is put commonly in the rest area of the sitting room, cooperate with sofa, tea table, satisfy requirement of illume of this area on the one hand, form specific environment atmosphere on the other hand.Normally, floor lamp is unfavorable place next to tall furniture or the area that hampers activity inside.In addition, in the bedroom, floor lamp also can come in handy.For example the reporter sees a model room, the floor lamp of the type that shine on was used in the bedroom, formed sweet light environment.

Most floor lamp has cover, cylinder type cover is more popular commonly, the bracket of floor lamp is more with metal, spin lignous become.Notice even, the choice of bracket and base or make, must match with chimney good, cannot have “small person wears big cap” or “thin tall person wears small cap” scale maladjusted feeling.

When decorating the lamp in the home is acted the role of, floor lamp is the link that gives colour most easily.It can act as the advocate lamp of a small area already, can pass illuminance again different and indoor other illuminant cooperates the change that gives light environment.At the same time, floor lamp still can rely on oneself distinctive exterior, become a good decoration inside the bedroom.Accordingly, choose and buy beautiful, practical floor lamp, it is a basic task when decorating household lamp to act the role of.

The key step that floor lamp maintains is moistureproof, no matter be the sitting room is placed, still be the lamp of toilet, bathroom is acted the role of and the kitchen kitchen kitchen headlamp, should install good moistureproof chimney, prevent damp to invade, make lamps and lanterns appear rust-corroded damage or leakage short circuit to wait.

When clean maintain, want to disconnect the power supply that connects first, want to notice to do not change the structure of lamp act the role of at the same time, also do not replace the component that act the role of casually, after clean maintain ends, answer to act the role of the lamp to install according to original sample, do not leak to install, wrong to install lamp act the role of parts, lest cause danger.

The wiping of the lamp is divided into several situations:

1, usually clean with a clean feather duster gently brush off the dust can be very careful.

2, if it is a non-metal floor lamp can be wiped clean with a wet cloth, pay attention not to wipe the power cord.

3, if it is metal lamp act the role ofing is wiped with dry cloth ok, must not touch water.

When using lamp act the role ofing, do not switch frequently as far as possible, because lamp act the role ofing is in the instantaneous that starts frequently, the current that passes filament is greater than when normal work is current, make filament temperature rises sharply accelerate sublimate, can reduce its service life greatly thereby, this also is the point that all lamps act the role ofing should notice in maintenance.

Installation method of floor lamp

In addition to hang act the role of the droplight of numerous and heavy bulk and wall lamp, if desk lamp floor lamp, wait for lamp kind to be able to install by oneself completely.Although the installation method of each lamps and lanterns differs slightly according to the product design, it is often the same.We only need to pay attention to the following points when installing the floor lamp:

1. Read the installation drawing carefully before installation, and prepare common tools, such as flat cross screwdriver, hammer, etc.It is best not to confuse the parts after disassembling the package, if the similar parts are more, the drawing will draw a life-size comparison, the parts do not use the fork, it is very easy to distinguish the various parts.

2, if the plate is found to be damaged during the inspection, you can contact the seller to supplement.The place that wants to install screw, eccentric piece, wood axis, can open good guide hole, the problem of the position of the part need not worry.Need to pay attention to is, do not happen on the wrong parts and then repeatedly twist the situation, otherwise easy to damage the plate, the installation is often unstable, tilt and other phenomena.

3, usually floor lamp should have a cast iron chassis, smaller than the surface base size, from the bottom to the top of the order of parts should be: chassis fastening nuts, cast iron chassis, base, lamp post, lamp holder, lamp shade, plastic fastener, bulb.

The above is about the detailed introduction of floor lamp, hope to have certain help to you;We offer: 3way floor lamp,kids floor lamp,tall floor lamp, etc

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