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Searching for a new lampshade for your floor lamp but have no idea what size of lampshade you need? Then you’re in the right place. Getting the shade right for your floor lamp is not difficult. Just with some consideration, you can find the right size shade for your standing floor lamp. Here we’re sharing our expert guide on how to measure a lampshade and advice on the best lampshade sizes, guaranteed to help you find the perfect fit.

Firstly, consider the shape of your floor lamp base.

For floor lamps, the main lampshade shapes include:
Empire - the traditional lampshade shape, giving a vintage look
straight empire - lampshade upgrade based on Empire, but more steeper than Empire
Square – like an empire but with a square or rectangular bottom, usually used in shelf floor lamp
Drum - more modern shape, adding contemporary touch to your room
Choose a shade works in harmony with your lamp base.


Secondly, when choose the size of lampshade, you need to consider two different things: diameter and lampshade height.

Floor lamps or standard lamps normally require a much larger shade, 18", 20" or 22" in diameter are the usual sizes, but we must proceed from the actual situation. Using a measuring tape or a ruler, measure your lamp from the bottom of the base to the point where the electrical socket attaches to the base. Next, measure the widest part of your lamp base.

The larger the lampshade, the more light it emits. So the base of the shade should measures similarly, or smaller to the base of the floor lamp. And there should be a minimum of 8 cm between the bulb and the lampshade.

As a rule of thumb, choose a shade that is between 30-40% of the height of the base. Ensure that the shade covers the lamp holder and the bulb when looking at eye level.


Beside these,you also need to take the size of the room into consideration. For the size of the room,firstly you need to think carefully about the height of the ceiling. Takes 1.70 meters tall floor lamp as an example, the height of ceiling better higher than 2.40 meters. 

Secondly, you need to consider the size of the space and the other objects around the lamp,a large, empty room can support a much larger floor lamp shade than a littery one. A very large shade won’t work well in a small room, whereas the bigger one will be better in a large empty space.

We share some tips to find out how to measure your lamp to find the right size of lampshade. But you don’t need to do exactly what is said above. Sometimes breaking the rules makes for a more surprising and interesting lamp! Once you know the proportional measurement guidelines, feel free to play around a bit.

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Post time: Jan-11-2021
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