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Table lamps are mainly used for lighting when reading,studying or working. Most families like using table lamps,but what should we pay attention to when using table lamp? And how to clean a table lamp? Let’s follow table lamp manufacturer-Goodly Light to learn more about it.

What should I pay attention to when using a table lamp?


1.The size of bulb should match the lampshade.

Ensure that the bulb is completely covered by lampshade,to prevent our eyes from being hurt by direct lighting.

2.The position of the desk lamp also has a great influence on eyesight.

As most people like writing in right hand,the table lamp is better to be placed in the front left of the body.So that there won’t be a shadow formed on the paper when writing. And the light to the paper will also not reflect to our eyes to cause glare.

3.The height of table lamp is also very important.

Generally,when your eyes are 30cm far from the book,you can see the word clearly and will not be tired. Based on this,we suggest that the height of desk to lamp should be 40 to 50 cm.

How to clean a table lamp?


1.Fabric lampshade

Firstly,use a small vacuum to clean the surface,and then use detergent to clean it with a rag. But don’t use detergent if the lampshade is made of paper.

2.Frosted glass lampshade

Carefully clean the glass shade with a soft rag that specially designed for cleaning glass. Or use toothpaste to clean it with a soft rag. And you can use a small bamboo stick,wrapped with soft rag,to clean the uneven area.

3.Resin lampshade

For the resin lampshade,clean it with fiber duster and spray with anti-static spray after cleaning. As the resin is possible to generate static electricity.

4.Wrinkle lampshade

Because the wrinkle lampshade is flimsy,you should carefully clean it with wet cotton swab. If it is very dirty,neutral detergent can help you.

Bedside MetalTable Lamp 2

4.Crystal table lamp

There is no doubt that crystal table lamp is so gorgeous that it can easily add elegant touch to your space.It’s exquisite and beautiful but difficult to clean.

If the lampshade is made of crystal and metal,you can clean it with neutral detergent. Don’t forget to dry the surface of water after cleaning. If the crystal are string together with wire,don’t make the wire wet. For the dirt on the metal lamp base,clean the dust on surface first,and then use toothpaste to clean it with cotton rag.

Crystal Table Lamp

Now,you know more about table lamp. If you want to use a table lamp for a long time,you must pay attention to when using it.

The above is what you should pay attention to when using table lamp,and how to clean it. Hope you learn something from this article. Goodly Light is a professional table lamp factory,we produce metal table lamp,wood table lamp and provide OEM service. If you are looking for a table lamp supplier,contact with us freely!


Post time: Nov-03-2020
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