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Many people like to place a floor lamp at home. As a portable lamp, it’s great for lighting and decoration. Floor lamps are commonly used in living room or bedroom, and they can be used with end table and sofa. Floor lamps not only can lighting locally, but also decorate your home well. Today, floor lamp manufacturers – Goodly Light is going to tell you that what should we pay attention to when buying a floor lamp.

What’s the common size of floor lamp?


1.Small Floor Lamp

The size of small floor lamp is generally between 10.8cm to 14cm, or between 13.8cm to 15.2cm. And the diameter of lampshade is 25cm to 45cm, usually use 60 watt or 75 watt or 100 watt incandescent bulbs. It’s great for living room and bedroom.


2.Middle Floor Lamp

A floor lamp in size between 14cm to 17cm, and with a diameter between 30cm to 45cm, that we called it middle floor lamp. This kind of floor lamp is suitable for lounge or working space. It can offer enough light for your task, and will not too bright when you are having a rest.


3.Large Floor Lamp

The large floor lamp’s size is generally between 15.2cm to 18.5 cm, and its lampshade’s size is between 40cm to 50cm. It can be used with 100 watt incandescent bulbs. The bright light makes it a perfect addition to living room and company lobby.

When you are buying floor lamp, you should pay attention to three things:


1. Instead of brighten, the decorative floor lamp is used as a decoration, which can easily adds atmosphere to room. But, when you are buying this kind of floor lamp, you should take the décor of your home into consideration. For example, an expensive and classic marble standing lamp is impossible match with the modern décor. 

2. When you are buying upward-illuminated floor lamp, the most important thing is the height of the ceiling. Take the 1.7 meters to 1.8 meters floor lamp as an example, the height of ceiling is better higher than 2.4 meters. If the ceiling is too low, the light will be concentrated in a local area only, making people feel that the light is too bright and not soft. What’s more, the ceiling should be white or light-colored. It will be better if the materials of ceiling are reflective.

3. If you are going to buy a direct-illuminated floor lamp, the bottom of lampshade should be lower than your eyes, then your eyes will not be hurt by direct light. What’s more, if the difference of indoor light is too much, it will easily makes your eyes feel tired. So, it’s better to buy a dimmable floor lamp. Besides, because the light of direct-illuminated lamp is very concentrated, you should keep the mirror and glass far away from the reading place, or the reflection will hurt your eyes.

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Post time: Apr-15-2021
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