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Floor lamp is an important article that builds atmosphere of living room.The light that it gives out is downy, give a person elegant sweet feeling, but the premise that should have this atmosphere is you should have a good floor lamp.Chinese floor lamp suppliers can help you summarize from the following three aspects:

Good floor lamp should have characteristic

The brightest floor lamp common category

7 big skill that chooses floor lamp


Floor lamp features

Floor lamp is used commonly for local illume, do not say comprehensive sex, and emphasize to move then degree benefit, build very practical to the corner atmosphere.The daylighting that the floor lamp knows means if direct downward project, the way suits the activity that needs fine 'god to concentrate such as reading, if indirect illume, can adjust whole special light changes.The underside of the lamp shade should be 1.8 metres above the ground.

What kind of floor lamp is good?

1, direct lighting type floor lamp

This kind of floor lamp is the lamps and lanterns that everybody is more familiar with, do not exist what choose and buy difficulty.But want to notice, the edge below chimney compares an eye most low, such ability won't make the eye feels uncomfortable because of the illuminate of bulb.

In addition, indoor light contrasts too general assembly to increase eye load, choose the floor lamp that can adjust light as far as possible.

When using, as a result of direct illuminate type lamplight line concentration, had better avoid to have mirror and vitreous product near the reading position, lest reflect light causes unwell.

2. Ceiling lamp:

The light of this kind of floor lamp shines on the ceiling diffuses again come down, even dispersing is indoor.This kind "indirect" illume means, the light is relatively downy, still can make a person mood is relaxed on certain level to eye stimulation small.In design of a few contemporary contracted creed household of popularity now, the use of this kind of lamps and lanterns is quite common.


Floor lamp chooses 7 big skill

1, when buying floor lamp of shine on type, should consider the height of smallpox to wait for a factor, if the ceiling is too low, the light can concentrate in local area only, can make the person feels the light is too bright not quite downy.

2, when the choose and buy, want to notice chimney next edge is like an eye most low, such ability won't make the eye feels unwell because of the illuminate of bulb.In addition, indoor light contrasts too general assembly to increase eye load, choose the floor lamp that can adjust light as far as possible.

3, of course choose and buy this kind of floor lamp, the consistency that should consider it and household integral style.

4, the bracket of floor lamp is made with metal more, turn wood or the material that USES natural form.The choice of bracket and base or make, must match with chimney good, cannot have "small person wears big cap" or "thin tall person wears small cap" scale maladjusted feeling.

5, if need, also can the light of floor lamp is hit toward, use as setting illume.Adjust the height of the lamp to be able to change the diameter of aperture, control the intensity of the light thereby, build a kind of hazy aesthetic feeling.

6, the sitting room that has sofa, can decorate a floor lamp in the back of sofa.Make sure your reading needs are met without affecting your family's TV viewing.

Floor lamp height is 120 commonly, 130cm, if can adjust height or chimney Angle person is optimal.The modelling of lamps and lanterns and colour should coordinate with the furniture decoration photograph of the sitting room.

7, most floor lamp is white light, when some owner is choosing a lamp, can discover how some look brighter, and some can be darker, some send white, violet or send blue, the luminous effect that is different as a result of illuminant and colour temperature are different cause.

The above is about floor lamp best the brightest characteristic and the choice is introduced;We are a Chinese floor lamp manufacturer, the products are:tree floor lamp,black floor lamp;Welcome to consult ~


Post time: Apr-29-2020
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