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  • You don’t know about home lighting arrangements

    1. Bright light indoors?

    Lamplight is too strong the eye that can stab a person, unreasonable cloth light, can make the person produces depressive psychological feeling.

    2. Fluorescent lights in the bedroom?

    Fluorescent lamp can destroy the emotional appeal of the bedroom.Bedroom usable light color slant warm incandescent lamp, in order to increase indoor gentleness, refined,

    Comfortable atmosphere.


    globe floor lamp

    3. The bedside lamp is too bright?

    Bedside lamp does not want too bright, unfavorable also be put on ark of the head of a bed, had better fix in the two side of the bed, can adjust its freely

    Point of view.

    4. Use a direct light at rest?

    Lamp holder has direct and reflex two kinds.Direct light should not be used when talking or resting, and reflective light should not be used when reading or learning.

    5. Too much lighting?

    Lamps and lanterns should discretion is orderly, avoid to decorate as far as possible on same height, can appear otherwise inflexible, and fluctuation brightness

    It’s not even.

    6. Floor lamp too low?

    When people is sitting on sofa, the height of chimney of floor lamp is unfavorable below people inspect level line.


    multi head floor lamp

    7. The underside of the lampshade is too high?

    The next edge of chimney of desk lamp lamp does not want tall person’s eye, otherwise as time passes, eyesight health can be affected.The young

    Children should pay more attention.

    8. The light comes from behind the dresser?

    The illume when dressing up, radial avoid shoots from the head hind come, the light also shoulds not be too strong at the same time, make a person controls a face hard otherwise

    Part of the makeup concentration.

    9. Eye contact?

    When decorating indoor lamps and lanterns, the line of sight that should avoid a person often and bulb contact, lest dazzle dazzling.

    10.Green walls with fluorescent lights

    Indoor metope is brighter green, unfavorable use fluorescent lamp.Because the light lubricious sex of fluorescent lamp is slant cold, answer

    Use general bulb, take the illumination of warm color sex namely to come downy indoor environment.

    11. Spotlights in the cabinet?

    When chest or bookcase wants illume inside, cannot choose shoot the lamp, can damage clothings or books otherwise.

    12. Too many kitchen lights?

    Consider from clean sanitation and safe Angle of use electricity, the modelling avoid of lamps and lanterns that the kitchen USES is multifarious, in order to wipe.Due to the kitchen

    Room air is damp, the component structure of lamps and lanterns must be strictly compact, lamp holder, socket and switch should undertake waterproof, prevent

    Insulation treatment of moisture.

    Post time: Oct-17-2019
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