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arched floor lamp,arch floor lamp,floor reading lamp;It is usually arranged in the living room and rest area, and is used together with the sofa and coffee table to meet the needs of the local lighting of the room and the decorative home environment.

With a gold brass finish and milky globe glass lampshade, this globe arc floor lamp has a expensive look. The simple stem and unembellished globes create an upscale feel that fit in mid century, modern, urban, minimalist, and contemporary décor.

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  • MOQ: 100 keping
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    Looking for a special furniture for your home? That you can not miss this brass metal floor lamp. This lamp features a brass arc lamp head, impressing your friends with its head metal globe glass lampshade. This lamp gives off warm beautiful light that will create a cozy, comfortable, and well-lit space for any room in your home.

    Classic Design Frosted White Globe Glass Shade – Standing Downlight Light for Living Room &Office &Bedroom

    Standing Downlight Light
    Barang No GL-FLM08
    Dikilangkan Oleh Johan Besar
    Dijual oleh Cahaya yang baik
    Ukuran Teduh 7.75"
    Saiz Pangkalan 11 "
    Lamp Heigh 65.5" 
    Warna Badan Kuningan Coklat / Kuningan / Hitam / Nikel / Chrome
    Bahan Kaca & Logam
    Jenis Suis Peralihan kaki
    Kategori Lampu Lantai

    This gorgeous metal floor lamp designed by  Goodly light.

    Ini arched gold floor lamp has both the elegance of an arc lamp and a stylish design to fit into smaller spaces. Featuring a frosted glass globe shade, the lamp looks great in a living room,study room or offices. The lamp gives off warm, soft lighting that will create a comfortable ambience for anywhere and protect your eyes.The brass on the metal stem and base pairs perfectly with the warm tone of the lamp shade.

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