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Today let’s learn more about floor lamp. As a professional wooden shelf floor lamp manufacturer, Goodly Light focus on floor lamps more than 7 years and we have many experiences want to share with you.

As an additional light source

Many people like to placing a floor lamp in home. There is no doubt that floor lamp is very practical and it can create a sofa ambience for your home. The soft and warm lights make you calm after busy work for one day.

Most of floor lamps are decorative and funny. Except the basic function of lighting, people pays more attention on its outlook, design and materials. People usually said, “Less is more”. Minimalism is very popular with people now, because it can perfectly match with any décor, such as mid-century, modern, urban, country and so on.

As an additional light source for reading, working and studying, floor lamp should be bright, warm and soft. It’s better used with desk, sofa of placed near the bedside.

As an auxiliary light source

A floor lamp with adjustable lamp head can distribute light sources in different areas at same time. One lamp head focus on your book to help you read. Another one cast the light to the wall, and light will be rebound to light up the room.

It’s a good choice to use auxiliary lamp when you are watching TV or playing your phone. It can soft the light of TV to protect your eyes. Turning on the main lamp and auxiliary lamp at the same time, it can add brightness to a big room, and also can be the main light resources in a small room.

If you think the corner of your home is too dark, but you don’t want too bright light, then you can buy a floor lamp as an auxiliary lamp to help you. Light up your room and create a soft and warm atmosphere, floor lamp will meet with your requirements.

Modern minimalist floor lamp

Place a dimmable floor lamp in your bedroom as a bedside lamp, it easily create a warm and soft atmosphere for your room, so that you can fall asleep quickly. What’s more, when you wake up in the midnight, the light will not be too bright to hurt your eyes.

No matter in living room, bedroom or study room, there should be a floor lamp.

The above are some knowledge about floor lamp. We are Goodly Light Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., a professional floor lamp manufacturer. Hope this passage helps you.

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Post time: Jan-22-2021
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