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  • Correct use of lamps and lanterns

    What does the correct use method of lamps and lanterns have?The following Chinese floor lamp factory to introduce:

    1. Lamps and lanterns must be used at predetermined voltage and frequency.Do not switch lights on and off frequently.

    2. All grounded lamps shall be checked for grounding frequently.

    3. Ordinary lamps and lanterns should not be used on or near electric, gas, kerosene stove and other heaters or in places where steam is directly encountered.

    4. Lamps shall not contain bulbs exceeding the specified wattage.

    5. Power must be cut off when changing lamp, removing cover and fuse.

    6. Do not place items such as paper and cloth near the illuminator or cover it.

    7. Lamps and lanterns shall not be repaired in places where there are dangerous substances such as gas and steam, but in general places;If you have to do so, make sure the operation is safe.

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    Post time: Oct-17-2019
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