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How to assembly the floor lamp and what should we pay attention to? The professional floor lamp manufacture will help you.

Lamps not only lighting our life, but also make our life more colorful. There are more and more lighting brands, more and more kinds of lamp style. Floor lamp is very popular with people now. So, how to assembly a floor lamp? What should we pay attention to when assembling?

Many people worry that they are unable to assembly the floor lamp well. Actually, it’s very easy. Once you know the steps, you can assembly by yourself. Although there are many kinds of floor lamps, they have similar design. You just need to do as five tips as below.


1.Before Assembly

Carefully reading the assembly instruction and prepare some tools before assembling, such as screwdriver, diagonal cutters, hammer and so on.

2.Checking before Assembly

Check the spares before assembling, if you find the spares are damaged, contact the merchant to change a good one. Everywhere needs to screw in, there is a hole, so you don’t need to worry that. But you are not supposed to screw in and screw out again and again. Or it will be easily damaged. 


The floor lamp usually comes with a cast iron chassis, which is a little smaller than the base. The assembly steps from bottom to the top should be: Use the chassis fastening nut to fix the cast iron chassis on the base. Then screw the lamp pole into base and fix the lamp holder on the top. After doing these, put the lampshade on the lamp holder and fix it by plastic fasteners. Finally, install the bulb that you can get a beautiful floor lamp.

4.Double Check After Assembly

After assembling, you should double check. If the lamp pole and screws are tightened? Will the lamp lean and wobble?  And turn on the power to check the will it work?

The above is the introduction of floor lamps’ characteristics, height, dimensions, purchasing skills, how to place, assembling and styles. Hope you can buy a perfect floor lamp after reading this passage.

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Post time: Feb-02-2021
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