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Usually,we place a table lamp in our bedroom.But do you know how to choose a good table lamp for bedroom? It might influence your sleeping if you buy a bad quality table lamp. Now,let’s learn some tips of choosing table lamp with table lamp manufacturer - Goodly Light.

1、The color of bedroom table lamp 

When we are going to buy a table lamp for bedroom,we should take the color in consideration first.The color of table lamp’s light resource is same as the floor lamp’s,including white,warm yellow and colorful light.

Most of time,we suggest to choose a table lamp with warm yellow light for bedroom,which makes your bedroom warmer.But we are not supposed to use colorful table lamp,especially the table lamp with red light resources. That will make people too excited and to be anxious.

bedroom lamps for nightstands

bedroom night table lamps

2、Where should the table lamp be placed in bedroom?

Except the color,another thing we should take in consideration is where should the table lamp be placed. Please remember that,don’t place a table lamp with too bright light near your bed.It will influence your sleeping.

bedside table lamps

bedroom lamps for nightstands

3、The materials of table lamp for bedroom

What’s more,the materials and shape of table lamp are also very important.Round or square shape table lamp for bedroom is much better than abnormal one. About the materials,metal table lamp,wood table lamp and ceramic table lamp are all good choice.

children table lamps

children table lamps

After reading the tips of how to choose a good table lamp for bedroom,do you know more about table lamps?Please pay attention to these when you are buying a table lamp.

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Post time: Dec-08-2020
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