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Most of table lamps are used for home decorating, office decorating, bedroom decorating and studying or working. Today we are going to talk about how to use a table lamp beauty you room. Which kind of table are more suitable? The table lamp manufacturer Goodly Light will tell you the answer.

1.Confirm where you are going to place your table lamp.

Generally, we suggest placing the table lamp near the bed, sofa or chair. Measure the distance from them to the place you are going to place your lamp, ensure that you can easily reach the lamp when you are on the sofa, bed or chair. Now, you can choose the table lamp you want. Please note that, don’t place a nightstand lamp on the table in living room for lighting.

2.We should confirm the size and height of the table lamp.

No matter placed in bedroom or in living room, the lamp should be match well with decoration around the room. So, what size and how tall the lamp you should buy, depend on the decoration around the lamp.

3.You should take the details of the table lamp into consideration.

(1)Power and luminous flux: we suggest you to buy a table lamp in 16W or above, and the luminous flux should be more than 1200lm. Most of good products can meet this standard, but some bad products will use fluorescent powder. This could increase the power, makes the lamp looks brighter, but it will hurts your eyes.

(2)Color temperature: the color temperature of the light source is mainly divided into high, medium and low. The high color temperature looks white, medium color temperature is soft light, and the low color temperature looks yellow.

(3)Color rendering: When we are selecting table lamp, we can take photo under the table lamp, and then compared with the photo which is taken under the natural light. If the deviation is small, that means the color rendering of the lamp is good.

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Post time: Apr-19-2021
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