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What is glare?The consequences of glare and how to improve glare,The following is explained by the Chinese floor lamp manufacturer:

What is glare

Dazzle refers to the lighting in the field of view that causes discomfort or reduces the visibility of an object due to improper distribution of brightness or extreme contrast of brightness in space and time. There are three kinds of light sources for Dazzle:

1, direct glare: the eyes directly look at the light source (lamps and lanterns), the brightness of the light source is large, causing dazzling and uncomfortable, if the light source is concentrated and high brightness, the location in the line of sight can be directly looked at.

2. Reflection glare: reflection is the common reflection, which will blur the image, easily cause eye fatigue, reading difficulty, and even further cause eye pain and headache.

3. Background glare: glare caused by indirect light or reflected light is usually caused by too much light source from the background environment, which affects the normal visual ability.

 The consequences of glare

Glare in the field of vision because of far more than the eyes can adapt to the lighting and easy to cause trouble, discomfort or loss of visual performance of the feeling, according to the results of glare mainly attributed to three types: discomfort glare, light adaptive glare and bereward glare.

1. Discomfort: discomfort. Glare refers to discomfort felt in some light environments, such as sitting in the strong light reading a book or watching a high-brightness TV in a dark room.This uncomfortable condition can cause vision loss by evasive action of the eye.

2, light adaptation: light adaptation glare, refers to when people from the dark environment into the sun/light under a phenomenon of visual decline in both eyes, the main reason is because of strong glare light source on the retina of the human eye formed a central dark spot, causing a long time vision unclear.When people suffer from fundus diseases, the light-sensing cells in the retina are impaired, so the reaction to this glare is more severe.

3. Bereic glare: bereic glare refers to a phenomenon in which the image contrast of the retina of the human eye decreases due to the messy glare light source around the eye, leading to the difficulty of image resolution of the brain. It is similar to that the projection of a slide projector on the wall is interfered by the strong light nearby, resulting in the decline of image quality.There are a number of eye factors that can cause disabling glare, the most common of which is cataracts. When the lens of the eye begins to become dot opaque, the light that enters the eyeball scatters, making the patient feel blurry.

How to improve glare

1. Make good use of the lamp design to hide the over-concentrated light source, and then use the reflection of the lamp to export the light source

2, the use of semi-permeable lampshade material, will be too concentrated light source weakened and dispersed release.

3. Use grille lamps to avoid direct vision of the light source.

4, the direction of light projection, as far as possible perpendicular to the eyes of the general horizontal direction of the object.

5, reading the desktop and book paper, avoid easy to choose reflective material, reduce the reflection glare.

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Post time: Jan-04-2020
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