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Except the ordinary lighting fixtures, such as chandelier, spotlight and ceiling lamps, there is still another lamp usually used in living room, study room and bedroom, that is modern floor lamp. Although floor lamp can’t lighting whole space, it’s great for local lighting and decorating. What’s more, there various styles for floor lamp, tall or short, they all looks beautiful. What’s the size of floor lamp? What kind of floor lamp are there? Let’s learn more with Table Lamp manufacturer Goodly Light.

As a portable lamp, floor lamp is popular with people. Generally, floor lamps are used in living room, bedroom or any other rooms in your home. They can be used with end table and sofa, so that the floor lamps can locally lighting, and well decorate your room. Then, let me introduce the size and kinds of ordinary floor lamp.

Common Size of Floor Lamp

The size of small floor lamp is generally between 10.8cm to 14cm, or between 13.8cm to 15.2cm. And the diameter of lampshade is 25cm to 45cm, usually use 60 watt or 75 watt or 100 watt incandescent bulbs. It’s great for living room and bedroom.

A floor lamp in size between 14cm to 17cm, and with a diameter between 30cm to 45cm, that we called it middle floor lamp. This kind of floor lamp is suitable for lounge or working space. It can offer enough light for your task, and will not too bright when you are having a rest.

There is a kind of floor lamp, its size is generally between 15.2cm to 18.5 cm, its lampshade’s size is between 40cm to 50cm, that is big floor lamp. It can be used with 100 watt incandescent bulbs. The bright light makes it a perfect addition to living room and company lobby.

The kind of floor lamp

A good up-light floor lamps can offer enough light for your room. When you use a up-light floor lamps, you are supposed to use a light-color ceiling, such white. What’s more, the reflective materials can make the lighting effects better, and the lighting area will be larger too.

Direct-light floor lamp is also great for home. The light will overflow from the top of the ceiling, which will create a concentrated lighting, and this local lighting will be more prominent. This kind of floor lamps offer a warm and soft light, make you feel relaxed, so it is great for modern minimalist style.

This is all about the size and style of floor lamp. Different size floor lamps are for different use, we should base on the physical truth when buying a floor lamp.

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