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  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of floor lamp

    Lamps and lanterns is the electric equipment that provides illume, besides traditional lamp is acted the role of, many families like to buy floor lamp, while having illume effect, still can enhance indoor dress up the effect.

    So, what is a floor lamp?What are the advantages and disadvantages of floor lamp?

    What is a floor lamp?

    Floor lamp, literally means a lamp placed on the ground for illumination.

    Floor lamp features:

    1, the floor lamp is used for the room partial lighting, but also has the decorative effect on the home environment.

    2. Floor lamps should not be placed in areas where interaction is frequent.

    3. Floor lamp is generally composed of three parts: lamp shade, bracket and base.

    4, the material of floor lamp is made with metal material more commonly by bracket, the word of chimney is made of plastic material commonly.

    Floor lamp is put in the family, can reveal low-key and elegant temperament not only, still can let host be pleased with or pleasing to the eye.For the sake of objectivity, let's talk about its advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of floor lamps?

    What are the shortcomings of floor lamps?

    Advantages of floor lamp:

    1. Strong portability and convenient movement

    Floor lamps are not like some mainstream categories such as chandeliers or ceiling lights, they are installed in the roof fixed firmly, can not move at all.And floor lamp by contrast is very convenient, as long as the wire is long enough, want to put where to put where.And very deft even the child can take move casually, be in especially sitting room and bedroom, you want to put a sitting room also ok, put a bedroom also ok.

    2, good maintenance

    Of floor lamp maintain is very convenient, especially tieyi floor lamp, but the maintenance of cane art floor lamp is some more difficult relatively, think of those large mainstream lamps and lanterns, when maintaining, affirmation is anxious bad a lot of people, want to climb so tall place to undertake disassemble, clean finish to undertake installation afresh even, take time to be spent again laborious.Look at our floor lamp, the structure is simple, when we clean the house, we can clean it very aspects.If you do have a problem, one can easily solve it with a screwdriver.

    3. Electricity saving

    Is for energy saving province electricity this ways, the main still should see the use of light source, if is to use incandescent bulbs, the province electricity also can't go there, but relative to other lamp, floor lamp light source is less, and are now made more light source, led lamp and floor lamp than other lighting power saving a lot of electricity is most common in every household spending, but can save a province.

    Disadvantages of floor lamp:

    The advantages of floor lamp far outweigh its disadvantages. If we have to find out its disadvantages, the price of floor lamp is higher, but this is not a disadvantage for its advantages.

    Generally speaking, floor lamp almost covers the advantages of all lamps and lanterns, in addition to the high cost, almost no disadvantages can be found.So good a kind of lamps and lanterns, was enchanted to want to choose a?

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