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There is no doubt that floor lamp has been the most effective home décor equipment. A stunning floor lamp not only offer the best light but also add a new dimension to the interior of your room. 

But when it comes to reading, crafting, sewing and other tasks, the brightest floor lamp are always taken into consideration.Choosing the brightest floor lamp for home is a challenge. So we prepare a basic guide for you to buy the best floor lamps for bright lights and select 3 brightest floor lamps in order to meet your diverse requirements.

The characteristics of the brightest floor lamp:

①Use LED bulbs:Compared with other types of bulbs, LED bulbs can give off a higher output of light and save electric.

②Adjustable head: Adjustability of lamp also a important point. The best floor lamps should features a flexible head, swing arm or gooseneck that allow you to adjust light in a different direction. So that you don’t need to move the entire lamps.

③Multiple brightness levels:A great floor lamp allows you to choose different levels of brightness to fit your need for your activity. Some of floor lamps even can change the color of the light as well.

④Minimalist design:Smaller and fewer decorative shades mean more light reaching your room. So the minimalist and modern design lamp is the right choice.


If you worry that you unable to find the brightest floor lamp, here we have some best choice for you.

Tree Floor Lamp

This tree floor lamp shines the best bright light I have suggested in this article.

Comes with a 3 brightness settings,no matter as an additional ambiance or a bright light for reading,it works well respectively. And its three adjustable head allows 2 people reading for each own. When you reading or playing games, this floor lamp gives its awesome bright daylight on the eye-protective level. 

Adjustable Floor Lamp

With a modern minimalist design,this brass floor lamp features a flexible head. It is easy to adjust the direction of the light. With its special design, it directs specific light on a certain area and spills little. What’s more, its 3-way LED bulbs allows you to adjust the levels of brightness you need. 

Black Floor Lamp

If you are annoying at the narrow space, this black floor lamp gives you a perfect solution.

It contains 2 parts: shelf and lighting fixture. With 3 shelves built in,this lamp help you with quick storage of messy and trivial objectives. What’s more, this usb floor lamp features 2 fast-charging USB ports,bring convenience for recharging smart devices. The lamp on the top of the shelf is able to evenly light up your space.

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Post time: Aug-13-2020
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