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Of the floor lamp of the sitting room is put, still want to notice a lot of respects to put skill.Only master the attention key that the floor lamp of the sitting room puts, ability develops floor lamp to the greatest extent the biggest function inside the sitting room.So how should the floor lamp of the sitting room be put?Below floor lamp factory will introduce the floor lamp of a few content that puts about the sitting room, will understand together.


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Of floor lamp of the sitting room put — the importance that floor lamp puts

The sitting room and porch belong to Yang, the lamp of the sitting room should be enough tall, bright enough in order to make lamplight is dispersive in whole sitting room, if illuminant is more, the lamp that should use identical element as far as possible is acted the role of the harmony that maintains integral style is consistent.If the sitting room area is larger, can use lamplight to undertake area is divided.

Can use warm color droplight to build sweet have dinner atmosphere on mensal, can put floor lamp of type of type of light of a change next to sofa, show frame can install a few small shoot a light.Porch passes corridor to be able to install small shoot lamp, droplight or the style after condole tops installs fluorescent lamp, downlight in order to improve daylighting bad situation.

Of floor lamp of the sitting room put — the attention that floor lamp puts points

1, floor lamp is put commonly in the rest area of the sitting room, cooperate with sofa, tea table, satisfy requirement of illume of this area on the one hand, form specific environment atmosphere on the other hand.Normally, floor lamp is unfavorable place next to tall furniture or the area that hampers activity inside.

2,In addition, in the bedroom, floor lamp also can come in handy.The floor lamp of the type that used to shine on in the bedroom, can form sweet light environment.

3, most floor lamp has cover, cylinder type cover is more popular commonly, the bracket of floor lamp is more with metal, spin ligwood to become.Notice even, the choice of bracket and base or make, must match with chimney good, cannot have “small person wears big cap” or “thin tall person wears small cap” scale maladjusted feeling.

Ok, a few content about the placement of floor lamp of the sitting room, floor lamp supplier is almost finished.Read all introduction, everybody wants oneself to try to see how to put the floor lamp of the sitting room certainly.As long as master the above skills and methods, should have unexpected results.

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Post time: Apr-13-2020
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