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You’re fall in love with a gorgeous lamp base. But there is a thorny problem. How to choose a lampshade to go with it? If you are looking for some help selecting a new lamp shade, here we are sharing some expert guide for you.

Mostly,we hear that

“How do you measure a lamp shade?”

1, Firstly,measure across the TOP of the lamp shade.

2, Secondly,measure across the BOTTOM of the lamp shade

3, Thirdly,measure along the SLANT of the lamp shade

4, Finally,measure the HEIGHT STRAIGHT from top to bottom

In order to choose a right size lampshade for your floor lamp, you also need to measure the height from the lamp base to the top of the lamp. The height of lamp shade should be approximately 30% to 40% the height of the lamp. 

For the size of the lamp base, a shade for a floor lamp generally should be 45cm or larger than its base, which will give it a sensible proportion relative to the lamp base.

And don’t forget to take the space around your lampshade into consideration. Will it be too close to a piece of other furniture? Or placed in where you pass by frequently? If the space is limited, a small and narrow lampshade makes sense. It can prevent your lamps to be damaged by knocked down.

Now you’ve got the correct size of lampshade,but how high or how low should lampshade sit?

A perfect lampshade should hide the fittings underneath to make it looks more beautiful. We suggest that the top of the body of the lamp should reach the bottom of the lampshade. So that no mechanical parts except 1/2 the neck show. And the bottom of the shade should also fall at the eye level of the user.

Which style of lamp shade is better for floor lamp? 

Basic floor lamps are allowed to match more lampshade. The more basic the shape of floor lamp, the more styles it can fits. 

What is the best shape for a lampshade?

From traditional empire shade to modern drum shade,there are lots of selection could be chosen. A general rule of thumb is that if the base is square or rectangular, the lampshade had better be square or rectangular as well. If the base is round,you’d better choose a drum shade.

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