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Light speaks and expresses itself everywhere in daily life, from parameters such as color temperature, light effect, illumination, color performance, luminous efficiency and intensity, brightness reflected into the eye, luminous Angle and so on, to the light and shade, tone, glare and light and shadow changes perceived by the human eye, are the language of light.Whether it’s in our homes, offices, business Spaces or outdoors, we interact with light all the time, so it’s important to understand the language of light.The following Chinese floor lamp factory to bring you to understand the knowledge of the lighting of the falling ground — one of [light decay]

One,What is light decay

The light decay of lamps and lanterns is to point to lamps and lanterns to use after a period of time, its light intensity, light effect is compared with original reduce, the phenomenon that illume performance drops, any kind of lamps and lanterns, increase with use time, can appear light decay.

Two, different light source light decay phenomenon

1, incandescent lamp: for ordinary incandescent lamp, the larger the bubble shell of the lamp, the smaller the light attenuation, that is, the evaporation of tungsten deposition blocking the light output is proportional to, and the gas-filled bulb because part of the gas prevents the tungsten filament evaporation, so the light attenuation will be relatively small.

2. Fluorescent lamp: the causes of light failure of fluorescent lamp are complicated. Degradation of fluorescent powder, light-absorbing film and blackening of lamp tube will lead to light failure of fluorescent lamp, which will affect luminous efficiency

3. LED lamp: after a period of LED lighting, its light intensity will be lower than the original light intensity, and its light attenuation is mainly related to the quality of LED chip, heat dissipation performance and drive type.

Three, how to reduce light decay

1. There are many reasons leading to light failure of products, the most critical one is heat.

If an incandescent lamp is made of the same filament in a bubble shell of different sizes, the light decay at the same point in time is indeed smaller in the bubble shell than in the bubble shell;In addition, the bulb with the same gas-filled bubble glass shell has a large internal space, and the gas convection to the glass shell has a relatively large cooling area. The temperature of the relatively small glass shell lamp is much lower, so the temperature of the filament is relatively low, the luminous efficiency is low, and the evaporation rate of the tungsten filament is also low, so the light attenuation should be small;However, the light efficiency of the same filament in the large glass case is much lower than that of the filament in the small glass case.

2. Replace steel support with copper support

At present, 99% of leds in the market use steel support to save manufacturing costs. The life of LED with steel support is only about 1/4 of that of copper support, so it is recommended to use copper support.

Above is the knowledge of floor lamp lighting | light language, various parameters are saying what (light decay), I hope you have some help;If you need to buy: led floor lamp,target floor lamp,industrial floor lamp;Welcome to contact us floor lamp factory.

Post time: Jan-04-2020
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